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Changtai Laser – To The High Power Market

In 2000-2004, the popular laser equipment is not the current fiber laser cutting machine, but the CO2 laser cutting machine, but because of its laser maintenance cost, host power consumption and other shortcomings, was gradually phased out by the market.
Changtai laser has been following the market since its establishment, the main machine is the fiber laser cutting machine, the company launched a new plan this year, to the high power market, so the launch of 20KW fiber laser cutting machine suitable for large industrial equipment.It is our responsibility to meet the needs of customers to cut thick materials, which is also our consistent concept: customer is God, customer service is to serve us, so this is also the Changtai has been and customers win-win cooperation factors.
enclosed fiber laser cutting machine

Why should high power fiber laser cutting machine be promoted

When fiber laser cutting machine just entered the market, it was not accepted by the public because of the high price, but with the more and more developed modern industry, people have more and more high requirements for cutting, fiber laser cutting machine has gradually been accepted by the public and the market.But at the beginning of the sale are small power machines, first let customers accept, slowly with the progress of The Times, small power machines may not be able to meet the needs of customers cutting thick materials, so high-power machines appear in the market.Our 20KW fiber laser cutting machine is designed for customers who need high power and perfect cutting effect.

High precision automatic laser cutting head

The built-in motor drive unit drives the focusing mirror to automatically change its position within the range of 17mm through a linear mechanism. Users can set continuous focus through the program to complete the fast perforation of thick plates and automatic cutting of plates of different thicknesses and materials.The D28 composite lens group integrates the beam and optimizes the optical and water-cooling design so that the laser head can work steadily for a long period of time.
Optimized design structure:
Modular, easy to maintain, reduce downtime.
Multiple protective lenses:
3 protective lenses, efficient protection collimation focusing lens.
2 optical water cooling, effectively extend the continuous working time.
High dust resistance:
IP65 grade dust proof, patent protection mirror cover, dust proof without dead Angle.
Closed-loop step-by-step autofocus:
Adopt closed-loop stepper motor, avoid losing step effectively.The focusing speed is 100mm/s, and the repetition accuracy is 1μm.
fiber head

High efficiency cooling system — chiller

As a supporting cooling equipment for fiber laser cutting machine, the chiller ensures the normal operation of fiber laser cutting machine under constant temperature.The chiller for fiber laser cutting machine belongs to refrigeration type industrial chiller. It has two working modes of constant temperature and intelligent temperature regulation. The temperature control accuracy is ±0.3℃.Rich configuration, including input and output control equipment switch and cooling water flow, high and low temperature alarm advanced functions, stable and durable performance, especially excellent in energy saving and environmental protection.
water chiller

High quality rack

Rack and pinion:Taiwan(yyc)Rail:Taiwan Hiwin rail
Heat-treated rack has high hardness and long srevice life
Improve sports smoothness
Low noise design
Of course, we also configured simple operation, good stability, high speed motor drive;The durable bed with steel structure and the fiber laser cutting machine with advanced experience for customers are also in line with our concept of serving customers all the time.

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