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Why a large amount of people like UV laser marking machine?

The introduction of UV laser:

UV laser marking machine is also called the UV jet printer.

UV laser marking machine’s wavelength is 355nm which has a cold light source with no smoke, no pollution, and do not damage the surface of the material, permanent marking, widely used in plastic material, in food and beverage, daily chemical, cable and pipe industry is particularly prominent. UV laser marking machine shortcomings if not work for a long time, will also be damaged, the best working temperature of 10-35 degrees, the working environment can not dust too much, because UV is 3 crystals.

UV laser marking machine advantages are also very obvious, the market to do packaging is basically plastic and film, and the UV laser marking machine in these two materials on the absorption is very good.Relative to jet printer, no consumable consumption, 2 years of life before maintenance, cost savings.

UV laser marking

UV laser marking machine belongs to one of the laser marking machine series products, also is a kind of newly developed laser processing technology, because of the traditional laser marking machine adopts laser is hot working technology, in the aspect of precision of ascension space has restricted the development of ultraviolet laser marking machine adopts is, however, a cold, so in precision,The thermal impact was minimized, which was a big leap forward in laser technology.

The advantages of UV laser marking machine:

Now UV laser marking machine has been applied to a variety of materials including plastic and rubber, metal, silicon wafer, the following is the advantages of UV marking machine:

1. convenient: due to the combination of laser technology and computer technology, as long as the user programming on the computer can realize laser printing output, and can change the printing design at any time, fundamentally replace the traditional mold making process, to shorten the product upgrading cycle and flexible production provides a convenient tool.

2. permanent: such as the mark will not be due to environmental relations (touch, acid and reductive gas, high temperature, low temperature, etc.) and fade.

3. a wide range of applications: with laser processing means, can be a variety of metal, non-metallic materials (aluminum, copper, iron, wood products, etc.) processing.

4. high precision: UV laser marking machine engraved items fine pattern, the minimum line width up to 0.04mm.Marking is clear, durable and aesthetically pleasing.Laser marking can meet the need to print large amounts of data on very small plastic parts.For example, the two-dimensional barcode that can be printed requires more precision and higher definition, which is more competitive in the market than imprint or jet marking.

5. low cost: marking speed and marking a molding, energy consumption is small, so the operation cost is low.Although the UV laser marking machine equipment investment than the traditional marking equipment, but from the cost of operation, the use of UV laser marking machine is much lower.

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