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Introduction To Wearing Parts Of Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

With the increasing application market of welding machine, the emergence of handheld fiber laser welding machine provides a more convenient welding mode for the welding industry, so handheld fiber laser welding machine is now the most popular welding machine, our orders are overwhelmed, of course, in the purchase of handheld laser welding machine at the same time,I think we should also let you know what the main wearing parts of the welding machine, in order to have a deeper understanding of the subsequent use.
Welding nozzle
In fact, the durability of the handheld fiber laser welding machine is still very good, and there are not many vulnerable parts. At present, the four parts of the protective lens, goggles, gloves, and welding tip are relatively easy to damage.

一、Goggles and gloves

Goggles and protective gloves are the less vulnerable parts of handheld fiber laser welding machine, and it is more convenient to buy.
Goggles, also known as labor protection glasses, are designed to protect the eyes from ultraviolet, infrared and microwave radiation, dust, smoke, metal and gravel debris and chemical sputtering damage.The goggles used in the hand-held fiber laser welding machine are mainly used to prevent laser radiation to the eyes. The color of the goggles used in the anti-laser radiation lens is deep and light, which is designed according to different requirements. If the laser beam is strong, the color of the lens should be deep, and otherwise the light lens should be selected.
So as long as it is the use of handheld fiber laser welding machine, it is necessary to wear goggles, inevitably will lose more, but in order to avoid laser radiation in the eyes, we still recommend that we often replace goggles Oh.
Protective gloves are more important in welding protection, but also easy to wear, it is the same as the goggles, are personal protective articles.
The main role of protective gloves is to protect against high temperature during welding. Because the machine is a hand-held fiber laser welding machine, it is inevitable to produce high temperature during welding. At this time, protective gloves are needed to protect.Generally, welded protective gloves are five-finger shaped, because this is more in line with the shape of human fingers, and it will be more convenient to work.Of course, in order to welding the safety of staff, protective gloves are strict appearance requirements, the position of the palm has to be designed for non-slip style, easy to hold the welding head in the process of work more firmly.
Goggles and gloves
Goggles and gloves

二、Protective glasses

Protective lenses are related to the welding quality and service life of hand-held fiber laser welding machine. There are three lenses in hand-held fiber laser welding machine, so it is necessary to replace the protective lenses regularly, which is the largest consumable in hand-held fiber laser welding machine.
There are three protective lenses, which are respectively called No. 1 lens, No. 2 lens and No. 3 lens. Generally, customers will also buy some protective lenses when purchasing handheld fiber laser cutting machine.In fact, it can be cleaned regularly. When cleaning, no. 1 lens and no. 2 lens need not be removed, only need to wipe the edge of the lens with the wiping paper with cleaning agent.The No. 3 lens needs to be removed from the frame, wiped in the same way, and then put back in.Of course, it can not be too clean. The lens should be replaced regularly, so as to ensure the service life of the handheld fiber laser cutting machine.
To protect the lens
Protective glasses

三、Welding nozzle

Welding nozzles are also worn parts of hand-held fiber laser welding machine. Think about the main welding work is completed by welding nozzles, so it is also relatively easy to wear accessories.
Welding nozzle is generally divided into three types: sharp wire feeding, long opening, oblique Angle wire feeding, customers can choose the right welding nozzle according to their own needs, if you need to replace the welding nozzle can be unscrewed down and replaced with a new one, the operation is very simple.
Welding nozzle
Welding nozzle

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