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A Comprehensive Introduction To Fiber Laser Marking machine

In today’s society, the rapid development of all walks of life, so the laser products have been widely used, laser marking machine is more and more popular. It can be used for marking large and small objects, metal and non-metal, 2D and 3D work, flat and round objects. It is cheap, simple to operate, convenient to move, in all major fields become ubiquitous.

Here we will make a comprehensive introduction to the marking machine products, hoping to help you to have a deeper understanding of it.

What is fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machine is the use of laser in a variety of materials on the surface of the permanent symbol

Fiber laser marking machine can mark all metallic materials and a part of the non-metallic materials, but there are many non-metallic materials can not mark, including ceramics, wood, leather products, ramie cotton fabrics and so on

Fiber laser marking system is a kind of all-around marking equipment, because of its strong adaptability in the marking process, less maintenance, and no consumables, so it is often used in metal and plastic processing industry to carry out accurate and efficient work
laser marking

What materials can mark?

Metal material and all kinds of non-metallic materials, high toughness aluminum alloy profiles, compounds, electroplating process, plating a thin film, ABS, epoxy resin adhesive, printing ink, rubber products, etc.

Are widely used in plastic pervious to light function keys, IC integrated IC, electronics components, jewelry, sanitary ware, measuring instrument nc blades, clock myopia glasses, electric home appliances, electronic components, hardware accessories, power tool accessories, mobile communications components, auto parts manufacturing, plastic products, pipe fittings, such as decorative materials processing and manufacturing;

Widely used in integrated circuit chips, computer accessories, industrial bearings, clocks and watches, electronic and communication products, aerospace components, all kinds of auto parts, household appliances, hardware tools, dies, wire and cable, food packaging, jewelry, tobacco, and many fields such as military things graphics and text markup, mass production line and homework.

raycus 50w fiber laser marking samples

Fiber laser marking machine features

1. It can process a variety of metal and non-metal materials. Especially for high hardness, high melting point, brittle materials marking more advantages.
2, belongs to non-contact processing, no damage to the product, no tool wear, good quality marking.
3. The laser beam is thin, the processing material consumption is small, and the processing heat affected zone is small.
4, High processing efficiency, computer control, easy to achieve automation.

Important parts of the machine

It is mainly composed of laser, vibrating lens and marking card. In addition, there are optional accessories: rotating axis, two-dimensional platform, protective goggles, etc.
Using production laser marking machine, fiber laser beam quality good, the output center is 1064 nm, the whole life in 100000 hours, compared with other types of laser marking machine live longer, electro-optic conversion efficiency of 28% above, relative to other types of laser marking machine conversion efficiency of 2% 10% of the huge advantage, outstanding performance in energy conservation and environmental protection, etc.

The main specificaions for fiber laser marking machine

Laser power20W/30W/50W/100W
Laser wavelength355±1nm
Beam quality<1.2
Laser repetition frequency10KHZ ~ 50KHZ
Min tuning Q laser pulse width30ns
Beam divergence angle<0.3mrad
Standard marking range110*110mm
Optional engraving range150* 150mm/200*200mm
Engraving depth≤0.5mm
Engraving linear speed12000mm/s
Min. line width0.01mm
Repetition accuracy±0.003mm
Marking formatGraphics, text, bar code, 2D code, date, shift number, batch number, serial number, document link (support the graphic import of any design software)
Operating systemWINXP Chinese operating interface, support PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, and other file formats, adopt SHX, TTF fonts
Power consumption≤3KW
Electrical connection220V±22V/50HZ/15A
Laser unitUV
Working temperature15~30ºC (no dust and required air-conditioner)
Relative humidity<80%

Fiber laser marking machine price

The different specifications for different price, we can talk details by online way in time, it’s about 3000$–11000$

How to maintain laser marking machine

1. Clean the internal dust, dirt and foreign matter of the equipment, and remove dust, dirt and foreign matter with vacuum cleaner, alcohol and dust-free cloth;
2. Check whether the focal length is within the standard focal length range, and test the laser to reach the strongest state;
3. Check whether the field mirror lens is dirty and wipe it with a mirror wipe paper;
4. Check whether the parameter setting screen on the laser is normal, and the laser parameters are in the setting range;
5. Whether the machine is normally opened, whether the main switch of the machine, the laser control switch and the laser marking system switch are normally opened;
6. Confirm that the switch is normal and effective, and check whether the power is on after pressing the switch; Whether the laser is working normally.

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