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The Application Of Laser In Life

Was born in 1960, the world’s first laser in 1961 developed the first laser in our country, more than 40 years, fast development of laser technology and application, has combined with multiple disciplines to form multiple application technical field, such as photoelectric technology, laser medical treatment and photonic biology, laser processing technology, laser detecting and measuring technology, laser holographic technology,Laser spectral analysis technology, nonlinear optics, ultrafast laser science, laser chemistry, quantum optics, lidar, laser guidance, laser isotope separation, laser controlled nuclear fusion, laser weapons and so on.The emergence of these intersecting technologies and new disciplines has greatly promoted the development of traditional and emerging industries.
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Introduction to Laser Technology Application

Laser processing technology is the use of laser beam and material interaction characteristics of the material (including metal and non-metal) for cutting, welding, surface treatment, drilling, micro-processing and as a light source, identification of objects, such as a technology, the traditional application of the largest field for laser processing technology.Laser technology is a comprehensive technology involving multiple disciplines such as light, machine, electricity, materials and detection. Traditionally, its research scope can be generally divided into:
1. Laser processing system.Including laser, light guide system, processing machine tools, control system and detection system.
2. Laser processing technology.Including cutting, welding, surface treatment, drilling, marking, marking, fine tuning and other processing technology.
Laser welding: automotive body thick and thin plates, automotive parts, lithium batteries, cardiac pacemakers, sealing relays and other sealing devices and a variety of devices that do not allow welding pollution and deformation.The lasers in use at present are YAG lasers, CO2 lasers and semiconductor pumped lasers.
Laser cutting:Automotive industry, computer, electrical cabinet, wood cutting die industry, cutting various metal parts, and special materials, circular saw blades, the force that press a gram, spring washers, electronic parts under 2 mm with some metal plates, steel pipes, tin-coated copper plate, plate, lead plate, phosphor bronze plating, electricity boards, thin aluminium alloy, quartz glass, silicon rubber, below 1 mm alumina ceramic pieces, aerospace industryTitanium alloys used in the industry and so on.The lasers used are YAG laser and CO2 laser.
Laser marking: in a variety of materials and almost all industries are widely used, the current use of lasers are YAG laser, CO2 laser and semiconductor pumped laser.
Laser drilling: laser drilling is mainly used in aerospace, automotive manufacturing, electronic instrumentation, chemical industry and other industries.The rapid development of laser drilling is mainly reflected in the average output power of YAG laser for drilling has been increased from 400W five years ago to 800W to 1000W.At present, the more mature application of laser drilling in China is in the production of artificial diamond and natural diamond wiredrawing die and the production of watches and instruments gem bearings, aircraft blades, multilayer printed circuit boards and other industries.At present, YAG laser and CO2 laser are mainly used, and some excimer laser, isotope laser and semiconductor pump laser are also used.

Research and development of laser processing technology and industry

fiber head
At present, the focus of research and development of laser processing technology and industry can be summarized as follows:
(1) The research of a new generation of industrial lasers is currently in the period of technological renewal, which is marked by the development and application of diode pumped solid-state lasers.
(2) Application research of laser micromachining.
(3) Research on models of high-power CO2 and solid-state lasers and excimer lasers for laser processing, develop and develop special supporting laser processing machine tools to improve the stable operation cycle of laser products on the production line.
(4) Intelligent processing system, system integration is not only the processing itself, but with real-time detection, feedback processing, with the establishment of the expert system, intelligent processing system has become an inevitable trend of development.
(5) Establish the detection method of laser processing equipment parameters, and conduct method research.
(6) laser cutting technology research.The existing laser cutting system for secondary development and industrialization, to provide good performance, cheap 2-3 axis CNC CO2 cutting machine, and carry out the corresponding cutting process research, so that the process is widely used in materials processing, automotive, aerospace and shipbuilding and other fields.Therefore, we should focus on the laser peripheral devices, such as: light guide system, process monitoring and control, nozzle, floating device design and development, CAD/CAM and other aspects.
(7) Research on laser welding technology.Carry out research on laser welding process and materials, equipment requirements of welding process and welding process parameters monitoring and control technology, so as to master the welding process of ordinary steel, non-ferrous metal and special steel.
(8) Research on laser surface treatment technology.CAD/CAM technology, laser surface treatment technology, material properties and laser surface treatment process parameters monitoring and control research, so that the laser surface treatment technology can be widely used in production.
(9) Study on beam quality and peripheral device of laser processing.The quality requirements of various laser processing technologies for laser beam, laser beam and processing quality monitoring technology, optical system and processing head design and development are studied.
(10) To carry out research on laser processing technology, with emphasis on the research and application of material surface modification and heat treatment;The application research of laser rapid prototyping technology is carried out to broaden the application field of laser.
Of course, this is only a small part of the application of laser in life, the application of laser can be seen everywhere in our daily life, today’s introduction is only a small part, today’s introduction is here, next time we will take you into other applications of laser in life.
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