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What Should Be Pay Attention To When Using Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

The service life of laser marking machine is very long, only in accordance with the requirements of the manual above the regular inspection and replacement, a fiber laser marking function for several years, but we usually should pay attention to maintenance and maintenance of laser marking machine parts can improve the service life of machinery and equipment, to achieve cost savings.

The working environment of laser marking machine is also very important, which is directly related to the marking effect of the whole machine.In the process of use, we must strictly follow the operating procedures, pay attention to the switch machine order, this has an impact on the service life of the machine, the switch laser marking machine can improve its life, is an important guarantee that we use for a long time and no failure.

The field mirror of the laser marking machine needs to remove dust on time. There is a layer of ash on the top of the lens is not removed for a long time, and it will harm the light quality of the laser marking machine. It is very likely that the lens will be damaged.


Fan cleaning: the use of the fan for a long time, will make the fan inside the accumulation of a lot of solid dust, let the fan produce a lot of noise, is not conducive to exhaust, so to clean the fan on time.

Marking machine will have reflective lens, the lens will lead to certain damage with the increase of use time, so it is necessary to replace the lens regularly, otherwise it will affect the use of laser marking machine effect.

Also, the vibrator should avoid close to objects with strong magnetism, strong electricity and strong seismic flow, and avoid touching the vibrator with hands and objects.If the lenses are dusty, use a rag and a little alcohol to clean them, but be careful to wipe them in one direction.

Clean the surface of the workbench, display and keyboard with a clean cloth, and remove the garbage in time, clean up the metal residue and metal powder after marking, and maintain ventilation, so that the marking machine can be used for a longer time.

Matters needing attention when maintaining the machine:

1. When the machine is not working, the power supply of the marking machine and computer should be cut off.

2. When the machine is not working, cover the scene lens to prevent dust from polluting the optical lens.

3. When the machine works, the circuit is called high voltage state. Non-professionals, do not overhaul when the machine is started, and an electric shock will happen on the side.

4. The power supply should be cut off immediately if any fault occurs to the machine

5. When the equipment is used for a long time, dust in the air will be adsorbed on the surface of the lower end of the focusing mirror, which may reduce the power of the laser and affect the marking effect, or even cause the optical lens to overheat and crack.So when the marking effect is not good, you should check the surface of the focusing mirror in time.If contaminated, write down the focus lens for cleaning.Note: Look out for bumps.

6. Do not move the marking machine to avoid damaging the machine during the working process of the marking machine.

7. Do not put anything else on the marking machine to avoid affecting the heat dissipation of the marking machine.

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