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Advantages of handheld laser welding machine

1. The hand-held laser welding machine uses a hand-held welding gun, which overcomes the limitation of the workbench space. There is no limit when welding, and it can meet the welding needs of multi-angle and multi-directional, and complete the position of the workpiece that cannot be welded by automatic welding. Small space, high flexibility.

2. The front end of the welding torch of the handheld laser welding machine is usually equipped with a copper nozzle. During the welding process, the copper nozzle can be next to the workpiece, reducing the weight of the welding torch and increasing the stability of welding. Whether it is conventional shape or special-shaped welding, the hand-held welding torch can move along the shape of the workpiece and complete the welding.

3. The hand-held laser welding machine has extremely high precision, the laser beam focusing diameter is small, and the welding process has little impact on the surrounding materials, which avoids the material damage that is easy to occur in the traditional welding process, and can also reduce the follow-up for more fragile materials. process to improve production efficiency.

4. The hand-held laser welding machine has fast welding speed and high welding efficiency. This advantage is particularly prominent in the production of mass products. In addition, the handheld laser welding machine can also adapt to the automatic production line and realize fully automatic operation, which can not only guarantee the product quality, but also greatly shorten the product production cycle.

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