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Silent tires become the first choice for new energy vehicles, and laser cleaning is promising

In the tire industry, laser can be described as a “all-rounder”! It can not only code the tire, but also clean the tire mold and even the inner wall of the tire. This article is to share with you the cutting-edge application of laser cleaning in the tire industry – silent tire inner wall cleaning.

Silent tires, “noise reduction” for cars

At present, new energy vehicles have become an important development direction of the global automotive industry, and their market size and development speed are also increasing. The closely related tire industry is also quietly changing…

As we all know, the properties of new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles are different, which has led to higher requirements for new energy vehicles on tire rolling resistance, grip, tire noise, load bearing, and safety.

Therefore, under the premise of ensuring the traditional performance, functional tires, mainly self-healing tires and silent cotton tires, are becoming synonymous with special tires for new energy vehicles.

Since new energy vehicles lack engines and complex transmissions, tire noise and wind noise have become the main sources of noise. Reducing the noise of new energy vehicle tires is a concern of all tire manufacturers.

There are many technical means to achieve tire “noise reduction”. At present, the main method is to paste mute cotton on the inner wall of the tire. The composition of the mute cotton is polyurethane sponge, which is a polymer compound, which can realize sound insulation and heat insulation, and absorb cavity noise. Effect.

Pain point: silent tire inner wall cleaning

Before pasting the silent cotton on the inner wall of the tire, it is necessary to deglaze the inner wall of the tire and clean the isolation layer to ensure the paste effect.

In the early days, it was wiped manually with alcohol. The disadvantages of this cleaning method are obvious: low cleaning efficiency, unstable effect, polluting the environment, and the risk of flammability and explosion. Some companies also try to use plasma cleaning, high-pressure water cleaning, etc., but the cleaning effect is not ideal.

Under the macro background of the continuous advancement of intelligent manufacturing technology and the deepening of global carbon reduction and emission reduction, how to further reduce product manufacturing costs, improve product quality and functions, meet the requirements of green manufacturing, and obtain comprehensive advantages in market competition is a must for tire manufacturers. unresolved issues.

Laser cleaning, solving problems


As an emerging “green” cleaning technology, laser cleaning technology can play a huge role in silent tire cleaning and effectively solve the pain points of tire manufacturers.

Laser cleaning is a method of cleaning the surface of an object using laser technology. Its principle is: the beam emitted by the laser is absorbed by the surface of the object, forming an extremely expanding plasma, which generates a shock wave, and the shock wave turns the pollutant into fragments and is removed, so as to achieve the cleaning effect.

Using laser to clean the inner wall of the tire, no consumables, no pollution, no damage to the tire, no damage to the airtight layer, fast cleaning speed, good quality consistency, automatic cleaning, no need for traditional cleaning follow-up chip removal operations and drying operations, It can effectively realize cost reduction, efficiency increase and green environmental protection needs for enterprises.

With the continuous development of the new energy vehicle industry, the demand for silent tires is also rising. Baoyu Laser is based on the market and faces customers. It creates automatic cleaning equipment for the cleaning of new energy vehicle silent tires and provides customized cleaning solutions.


Automatic cleaning, improving quality and efficiency

It can realize automatic tire feeding, centering, identification and detection, interlocking distance measurement and selection cleaning, automatic identification of tire barcodes, and automatic docking with the factory MES system.

It can be adjusted and operated according to preset parameters and instructions, adapting to different product and task requirements.

It can perform tasks with high speed and precision, and improve cleaning efficiency and cleaning quality.

No pollution to the environment, green and environmental protection

No chemical cleaning agents are required, and no cleaning waste is generated.

Pollutant particles and gases generated during the laser cleaning process can be collected and purified by exhaust fans.

The whole cleaning process does not pollute the environment and is environmentally friendly.

No damage to the base material, ensuring quality

It will not cause significant thermal or mechanical stress to the tire, and will not damage the tire base material and tire inner liner.

Laser cleaning is a non-contact cleaning method that eliminates friction and scratch damage caused by physical contact.

Under the background of the gradual popularization of new energy vehicles and the continued popularity of silent tires, Baoyu Laser develops and customizes laser cleaning products and solutions suitable for different needs for customers in the tire manufacturing industry, reducing costs for enterprises and improving production efficiency and quality.

In the future, JNCT Laser will increase its special research on new technologies and new processes in the high-end field, continuously release new kinetic energy in production, provide high-quality laser equipment for tire manufacturers, promote the application of laser equipment in the tire industry, and help the tire industry Green, innovative and high-quality development.

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