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Compared to Sandblasting, Chemical Cleaning and Dry Ice Cleaning

Today I wish to reiterate the advantages of laser cleaning.
The current main metal cleaning methods include sand blasting, chemical cleaning, and dry ice cleaning.

Grit blasting is the directing of very fine grains of abrasive material at high velocity against grains of abrasive material on a surface to clean or etch. Sandblasting is often used to prepare surfaces prior to painting. It is commonly used to strip paint from machinery and metal, but it has many other uses as well.

Disadvantages of blast cleaning :1. Dust problem 2. Noise problem 3. Damage problem

Chemical cleaning refers to the method of using acid, alkali, organic chelating agent, dispersant and other chemical agents to dissolve and remove dirt and scale attached to the metal surface. There are pickling, alkali cleaning, ammonia cleaning, sludge stripping, solvent cleaning, etc. It is suitable for equipment cleaning with high requirements on metal surface treatment.

Its main disadvantages are the pollution problem and the difficulty of operation.

Dry ice cleaning (dry ice blast cleaning), also known as cold spray, uses compressed air as the power and carrier, with dry ice particles as the accelerated particles, which are sprayed onto the surface of the object to be cleaned by a special jet cleaning machine, using high-speed solid dry ice Momentum change (Δmv), sublimation, melting and other energy conversions of particles make the dirt, oil and residual impurities on the surface of the object to be cleaned rapidly frozen, thus condensed, embrittled and peeled off, and at the same time removed with the airflow.

Disadvantage of dry ice blasting: 1. Supplies problem 2. Storage cost problem

The laser cleaning machine has none of the above disadvantages. It may have only one disadvantage. The initial investment is high, but the consumables of the laser cleaning machine in the later stage are only electricity.

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