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What is the difference between laser cutting machine QCS and QBH?

The interface part where the optical fiber is introduced into the laser cutting head, the common ones are QBH interface, QD interface, and QCS, RK interface, etc., which can be adapted to various lasers.

1. Fiber import methods are different:

  • QBH import operation sequence:
  1. Remove the protective plastic cover from the top of the connection block.
  2. Align the small hole on the QBH with the small hole on the connection block, insert the QBH connector, and insert it straight to the end.
  3. Tighten the fixing nut on the connection block clockwise, as shown in the figure below.
  4. Lift up the fixing nut and tighten it clockwise again.

  • QCS/QD import operation sequence:

Unscrew the fixing screw on the QCS/QD connection block, insert the QCS/QD connector, insert it to the end, and then tighten the fixing screw, as shown in the figure below.

There are 4 fixing screws on the QCS connection block, and 1 fixing screw on the QD connection block.

2. Different alignment methods

Alignment There are two types of alignment modules, so there are also two types of alignment methods.

Please refer to the table below for the difference between the two alignment methods.

  • QBH (with collimating lens) centering method:

Centering is accomplished by adjusting the X-Y direction of the collimating lens.

1.Alignment tool: two adjustment screws, located on both sides of the front of the alignment module, as shown in the figure below.

2. Alignment method: There is a spring in the opposite direction of each adjusting screw. When the adjustment screw is manually tightened or loosened, the corresponding spring stopper will also expand and contract, and the position of the collimating lens will also move accordingly, finally achieving the purpose of centering.

  • QCS/QD (non-collimating lens) centering method:

1. Alignment tool:

Adjustment screws, located around the centering module, as shown.

  • There are 4 pieces in total, each set of 2 pieces, one piece is tightened and the other piece is loosened, and adjusted accordingly.

2. Alignment method:

  1. When tightening one of the adjustment screws, first loosen the opposite screw by hand, and then tighten this screw.
  2. Adjust the two sets of adjustment screws until the beam is exactly centered.
  3. After alignment is complete, double-check that all adjustment screws are fully tightened.
Extended information:

QBH features:

  1. The QBH guide point is continuously adjustable in 360 degrees. The 360-degree adjustable QBH guide point can completely release the torsion of the fiber, effectively avoiding the optical loss caused by the twist and deflection of the fiber, and improving the service life of the fiber.
  2. Fine compensation of collimated optical path. The fine optical path compensation can compensate the mechanical deviation in the optical fiber coupling process or the external optical path system, so that the output light or focused light spot has absolute consistency, ensuring the repeatability of the laser process.
  3. Excellent optical path system and direct water cooling structure. It is suitable for industrial applications of fiber lasers and semiconductor lasers. The optical components are all directly water-cooled and can withstand high laser power.

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