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laser welding machine operation tips

Laser Welding Machine Operation Tips

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In recent years, many industries have used laser welding machines more and more frequently. Laser welding is a very mature application of many laser technologies. In the course of use, in order to ensure the safety of the operators, we need to master some safe operation specifications in the process of operating the laser welding machine.

Firstly, preparations before starting up the laser welder

1. Check the power supply of the laser welding machine and check whether the external circulating water switch of the welder is turned on; because the laser system adopts water cooling method, the laser power supply adopts air cooling method. If the laser welder cooling system fails, it is strictly prohibited to start working.
2. Check whether the connections of the internal parts of the laser machine are normal;

Secondly, boot operation

First turn on the power, turn on the main power switch; turn on the switches of each laser welding machine component such as water cooler, laser generator, etc.; then enter the working parameters. In addition, when the laser welding equipment is working, the circuit is in a high-voltage and high-current state. It is strictly forbidden to work and touch the circuit components in the welder machine;

Thirdly, issues after the welding work

Exit the main program and turn off the laser generator; turn off the switches of other laser welding machine components, turn off the main power switch, and finally check the welding machine and the work site to eliminate hidden dangers and ensure safety and accident-free.

Forth, matters needing attention in the laser welding machine

1. Read the operating instructions carefully and operate the laser welding machine strictly in accordance with the operating regulations to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.
2. Only trained staff are allowed to operate the laser welding machine. In the process of operating the laser welding equipment, if you need to quickly cut off the power supply of the whole machine in an emergency, you can press the ‘EMERGENCY’ red button on the upper left side of the main panel;
3. Do not place flammable and explosive materials on the laser light path or where the laser beam can be irradiated, so as not to cause fire and explosion;
4. The power density of the laser used by the laser welding machine for welding is very high, and the beam is very thin, which can easily cause damage to human eyes and skin. It is strictly forbidden to look directly at the laser or reflect the laser when the laser is working, and use the eye to face the laser. , So as not to hurt the eyes. On-site operators must wear special protective glasses for lasers.5.The circulating water in the laser welding machine must be kept clean, otherwise it will affect the output of the laser

5.The user can determine the cycle of replacing the cooling water according to the start-up time, water quality, etc., generally speaking
The water change cycle is shorter in summer than in winter. It is best to use distilled water.
6. The housing of the laser welding machine needs to be connected to a safety ground. Pay attention to keeping the environment and the laser welding machine clean. If there is any abnormality during the operation, the equipment should be shut down immediately and professional personnel should be arranged to inspect and maintain the equipment.

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