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Laser welding machine in the use of aluminum-plated steel products

With the continuous development of laser, laser welding machine in the field of metal has a wide range of application needs, especially in the field of sheet metal welding, such as the more common laser welding applications are laser welding machine using spot welding process to weld aluminum-plated steel. That laser welding machine in the welding of aluminized steel plate, what issues need to pay attention to? What pre-treatment is required before welding aluminized steel sheets? And what process does the processed sheet metal profile need to go through? Now we are going to introduce the problems of laser welding machine in aluminized steel products.

The use of laser welding machine in aluminized steel is a spot welding process for aluminized steel sheets, which requires higher current and closer monitoring of the welding process than cold-rolled steel sheets, while the electrode maintenance is very important and should be corrected at any time to stop the deformation of the contact surface. Therefore, in the manufacture of aluminized steel, non-metallic elements are mixed, and the aluminized steel plate is a steel plate with an aluminum-silicon alloy coating, in which the aluminum content is 90% and the silicon 10%. At the same time, the welding process produces very little harmful fumes, which effectively protects the environment.


The spot welding process using laser welding machine is sufficient to complete the welding of aluminized steel, however, after welding the weld is easy to leave a layer of gray-black material, this layer of gray material is silicon after the reaction left, in order to deal with this residue can be cleaned with strong acidic substances, but against the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection consciousness, so the use of new, green cleaning method is the best way, generally used in the production process The laser cleaning machine, laser cleaning equipment cleaning process depends on the characteristics of the light pulse generated by the laser, based on the photophysical reaction caused by the interaction between the high-intensity beam, short pulses of laser light and the pollution layer. Laser cleaning machine is a green and pollution-free cleaning method, which has a very important role in dealing with the pre-treatment of welded materials and post-welding cleaning. The use of laser cleaning equipment to clean the weld seam not only can clean the residue will not harm the base, but also green cleaning means.

Laser cleaning is a “green” cleaning method, because the laser cleaning machine does not need to use any chemicals and cleaning solutions, cleaning down the waste is basically a solid powder, small size, easy to store, recyclable, can easily solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by chemical cleaning; laser cleaning of non-abrasive and non-contact so that these Laser can be transmitted through optical fiber, and robot and robot with the robot, convenient to achieve long-distance operation, can clean the traditional method is not easy to reach the part, to ensure the safety of personnel; laser cleaning can remove all kinds of pollutants on the surface of various materials, to achieve the cleanliness of conventional cleaning can not be achieved, but also in the case of no damage to the surface of the material can be selectively clean the surface of the material pollutants.

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