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Jewelry welding machines are widely used in jewelry industry. For expensive jewelry, other types of jewelry are not as strong and indestructible. Many jewels often show up after years of baptism: breakage, discoloration, deformation, etc.

For example, if you accidentally scrape jewelry into your hair or clothing, it can break. In this case, it is necessary to use a jewelry welding machine for welding. Welding and polishing can keep your jewelry intact.

Jewelry welding machine belongs to spot welding process, suitable for the processing of small parts, such as gold and silver jewelry repair, inlay, spot welding seam pattern and other fields of precision welding. Accurate positioning, fast and accurate welding accessories, energy saving and environmental protection. Spot welding, also known as resistance spot welding, can weld various metal materials. The principle of the spot welding machine is to use heat to connect the metal joints that need to be welded in units of points. The important parts of spot welding machine are power supply, transformer, switch and so on. Resistance during spot welding generates high energy and heat. The solder joints will then quickly melt and join together. If the soldered object is very thin (especially gold and silver soldering), the soldered object will not be able to withstand the high heat generated by the resistance, and it will also be exhausted or disappeared. The small hole will replace the original weld, which means it’s a bad job.

Not only that, the jewelry welding machine is small in size and easy to carry. The net weight of the whole machine is 90 kg.

Most of the power of jewelry welding machine is 200W. Its main composition is that the YAG crystal is responsible for generating the laser, and the water tank is responsible for cooling the cavity. In addition, adding xenon lamp to assist welding can make the machine focus better and the welding effect is better.