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A few steps to improve the welding effect several times

A few steps to improve the welding effect several times

With the continuous innovation and development of industrial technology, my country’s laser welding equipment has become the preferred tool for many advanced and industrial batch welding applications. It can serve many mature industries and adapt to rapidly growing emerging markets. It is not strictly forbidden to control during the welding process, and I do not know how to adjust the frequency and parameters to better meet my own needs.
1. Observe the melting phenomenon of the molten pool
Whether the melting phenomenon can be generated and the strength of the welding process mainly depends on the time, power density and peak power of the laser acting on the surface of the material. In the welding process, the position of the beam focus is one of the keys to control the process parameters. Under a certain laser power and speed, only when the focus is within the position range can a large penetration depth and a better weld shape be obtained.
2. Monitoring the tensile strength of welding materials
The tensile strength can be monitored, and the problem of the laser welding machine can be judged according to the inspection results. If there are problems such as poor welding and virtual welding, it may not be all the problems of the welding machine, but maybe the material is not suitable. After changing the material or changing the setting of the waveform of the laser welding machine, weld again until a better effect is achieved.
3. Choose the right safety aids
According to the actual needs of the welding process, choose a laser welding machine with matching power. Selection factors are: type of welding material, material thickness, welding location, type of welding power source and amount of current available, and time requirements. The first thing to consider before getting started with a laser welding machine is making sure you have the correct safety equipment. This includes gloves, fire jackets and helmets.
4. Maintain the correct distance and material cleanliness
When laser welding, it is important to maintain the correct distance from the laser welding tip to the workpiece. Too close, the tip will wear too much; too far, the energy value will be reduced, which will lead to poor soldering. Any oil, rust, paint or scale can cause contamination and cause poor welds. Before starting the welding process, brush off all equipment surfaces and materials to ensure all materials are clean.

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