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Is the laser welding machine radiation dangerous?

The laser of the jewelry welding machine does not produce radiation damage. The radiation of jewelry welding machine is not even as serious as that of computers and mobile phones.

However, because the laser is an invisible and high-energy beam, people who use jewelry welding machines for a long time need to wear radiation protection glasses. The jewelry welding machine purchased in our company will equip customers with a pair of radiation-proof glasses. In addition, the optical components and glass contained in the jewelry welding machine have protective layers to prevent dangerous light from harming the user’s eyes.

Here are the advantage of this machine:

  1. Fast welding speed: The laser intensity of the jewelry welding machine is high, and the temperature conduction is fast, so the welding speed is fast;
  2. Small damage to jewelry: the welding spot of the jewelry welding machine can be adjusted, so the heat-affected area can change with the size of the jewelry, and it will not affect the intact part of the jewelry;
  3. The quality of the welding machine is good: because the welding speed of the jewelry welding machine is fast, the light spot is small and the argon or nitrogen gas can be used to protect the metal jewelry from oxidation during the welding process, so there is almost no work trace on the welding surface;
  4. Environmental protection and pollution-free: the work of the jewelry welding machine is carried out inside the machine, which is convenient for the recycling of waste materials. At the same time, laser welding will not cause pollution to the environment, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

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