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laser cleaning machine application

Laser cleaning machine applications

Cleaning metal or non-metal surfaces is becoming increasingly important in modern manufacturing. That is why a safe, economical, efficient, and environmentally friendly process is crucial. However, laser cleaning is at the top of the list. It is an efficient way of cleaning metal and non-metal surfaces without any damage. Laser cleaning is becoming the most preferred process for surface cleaning of materials, whether you are looking for medical labs or manufacturing plants, steel fabrication industries, or aviation.

laser cleaning machine application

Laser cleaning is an environmentally-friendly process that effectively removes all types of contaminants from metals, including oxide, paint, rust, and other contaminants surfaces, by using laser irradiation. One more good point is that laser cleaning does not change metals’ chemical composition or structure, which has been proved by several tests. Howeverit is a perfect process for those manufacturers who want to improve quality or maximize their production capacity. 

Fiber laser cleaning machines have become the standard option in many industrial applications over the past few decades. Most traditional techniques prove tedious, time and labor-intensive, and sometimes hazardous. Well, If you are deciding to buy a laser cleaning machine but need to know if it’s a good investment, read on for a breakdown of its applications and advantages.

Application of Laser cleaning machine:

Laser cleaning is a non-destructive and non-contact cleaning method that removes contaminants from any surface using a laser beam. This is why laser cleaning machines are gradually becoming the equipment of choice for the containment removal process/cleaning in many industries.

However, some of the great applications of Laser cleaning machines are following;

Laser cleaning in rust removal:

When metals are exposed to moisture, they get rusted and lose their quality. In the past time, rust was the major cause of the destruction of many metal things. A rusted metal (with an oxide layer on it) is not suitable for use in another application unless the coat is scraped. However, there was a need for an effective procedure that could make the metal reusable.

Well, the invention of the laser cleaning machine has made the cleaning of metals possible. Laser cleaning machines are an innovative and advanced way of cleaning metals. They remove rust from metal surfaces without damaging the surface underneath.

Many industries, such as shipbuilding, deal with heavy manufacturing, so removing thick layers of rust may be a more challenging task. However, a laser cleaning machine can do this task efficiently and conveniently without polluting the environment.

Laser cleaning in the electronics industry:

The electronics industry requires high-precision decontamination, and the laser cleaner machine is great for removing oxides.

Before attaching the circuit board, electronic pins should be dioxides to provide the best electrical contact. Also, pins shouldn’t be damaged during the process of decontamination. However, the laser cleaning process meets all these requirements and completes the entire process efficiently.

Laser cleaning for mold-cleaning:

The process of cleaning tire molds during the production process should be quick, rapid, and reliable to save downtime. However, laser cleaning machines are very effective in cleaning the dead corners of the mold or the parts that are not easy to clean. Laser cleaning machines clean the tire mold quickly without wasting time.

Laser cleaning in paint stripping:

laser cleaning in paint stripping

Laser beams that come from laser cleansers can focus on small surface areas; that is why laser cleaning machines are pretty accurate for stripping paints from targeted areas. This property can come in handy when a branding mistake needs correcting or when only a section of a metal surface is damaged and needs to be cleaned and repainted.

This feature makes laser cleaning machines very suitable in the aerospace industry as the aircraft’s surface needs to be repainted after a period of time. However, to repaint it, it is necessary to remove the old layer of paint. Well, traditional methods of removing the paint can damage the surface of the aircraft and can cause hidden damage to the aircraft. So it is highly important to choose the right method for this process, and there cannot be any other than a fiber laser cleaning method.

Laser cleaning for weapons cleaning:

Laser cleaning technology is also very effective and demanding in weapon maintenance. The laser cleaning machines remove rust and pollutants efficiently and quickly from the weapons and can select the removal part to realize the cleaning automation. Using a laser cleaning machine is not only effective for cleanliness, but it is also good as it causes almost no damage to the surface of the object.

By setting different parameters, a dense oxide protective film or molten metal layer can also be formed on the surface of the metal object, which improves the strength and corrosion resistance of the surface. Moreover, the waste material removed by the laser basically does not pollute the environment and can be operated remotely, effectively reducing the health damage to the operator.

Laser cleaning in welding:

Steel and aluminum get contaminants pretty quickly; however, they need to be cleaned before using in welding or brazing.

Steel and aluminum pretreatment is one of the most prevalent industrial laser cleaning applications. A laser cleaning machine detaches ferrous and non-ferrous metals, lubricants, and other contaminants from metal and aluminum surfaces; removing all these before the welding ensures high-quality welding.

Laser cleaning machines for surface texturing:

Laser cleaning machines are used to clean surfaces and are also great for surface texturing. It allows altering the material’s surface properties by modifying its texture and roughness. Surface texturing is very useful when you want to improve the surfaces for a subsequent process, such as adhesive, wettability, electrical and thermal conductivity, bonding, or painting.

Laser cleaning is highly beneficial as it provides high-speed cleaning and surface preparation in virtually all industries. This low-maintenance, easily automated process is good for removing oil and grease and stripping paint or coatings from metal as well as non-metal surfaces.

Some of the outstanding advantages of laser cleaning machines are the following;

Green cleaning method:

The green cleaning method refers to the use of environmentally friendly ingredients and procedures that are better to preserve the health of people and good for the planet as well. And the bright side is that laser cleaning is a “green” cleaning method, which does not use any chemicals and cleaning fluids, has no exhaust gas emissions, and has no environmental pollution.

Unlike traditional abrasive cleaning processes, there is no need to dispose of removed material in a laser cleaning machine. When the cleaning process is completed, the very little residue is produced, which is usually collected using vacuum cleaners.

Safe process:

Well, it is proved by several tests that the laser cleaning process is safe! You only need to wear laser-protective glasses when you are about to start the process. No need to wear extra safety suits, gloves, or other equipment that are a must in traditional cleaning processes. Trust me; it will save you lots of money!

Non-abrasive process:

Laser Cleaning is a completely non-abrasive solution for cleaning surfaces. It is considered a highly powerful solution for applications where tight tolerances are required after the cleaning process has been completed. In general, Laser Cleaning machines remove only the contaminants on the substrate, and once removed, the process self-terminates as no damage or surface imperfections on the metal surface will occur.

Easy cleaning:

The laser cleaning process has good controllability and high flexibility, which makes it easy to achieve precise cleaning in selected areas and in real time.

It selectively cleans the contaminants from any material’s surface without damaging the material’s surface. High cleaning efficiency, saving time, and lower cost.

Applicable for various industrial applications:

Laser cleaning is an innovative technology that can be used for various material processing needs within various industries with high-temperature and high-pressure environments, such as power generation, aerospace, automotive, nuclear facilities, military & defense, and maintenance & repair facilities.

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