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Laser cleaning machine application in automobile – wheels laser rust removal

Laser cleaning often uses a pulsed laser, our JNCT company is the first batch laser cleaning machine manufacturers, after laser cleaner continuous technical updates and iterations, we have produced the domestic leading level of handheld fiber laser cleaning machine, backpack cleaning machine and other laser rust removal products, this advanced laser product process is gradually meet the needs of high-end manufacturing production. Now we take the laser cleaning machine in the automotive wheel manufacturing applications for example.

In the manufacturing process of automobile wheels, in order to make the appearance more shiner, the surface of automobile wheels will usually be chrome plated, polished, painted and powdered, etc. In this process, some defective products are often produced, such as the wheels need for multiple spraying, paint repainting and so on.

Before the application of laser paint removal technology, the commonly used traditional paint removal methods were using jetting method, or mechanical grinding, chemical immersion, ultrasonic paint removal, etc. These traditional paint removal methods have certain disadvantages.

  • The wheel has more edges due to the special gear structure, which makes it easy to have unclean paint removal.
  • The paint stripping process requires long time soaking, which cannot meet the demand of fast production.
  • Manual operation will lead to the offset of the placement or hanging position during the paint stripping process.
  • Low work efficiency, high work intensity and high labor cost.

All these traditional ways of removing paint from automotive wheels seriously hinder the automated production of automotive wheels and cannot meet the production needs of modern processes. The laser cleaning and rust removal, on the other hand, has greatly improved the production efficiency of automotive wheel paint removal.

The advantages of laser cleaning automotive wheels are.

  1. Laser cleaning machine can be the traditional method is not easy to reach the parts, a variety of dead-end concave and convex position can be cleaned.
  2. Using laser cleaning is a non-contact processing, will not have any damage to the base material.
  3. Laser cleaning machine removal accuracy and cleanliness is higher, providing a highly efficient way of cleaning automotive processes, saving time.
  4. Laser cleaning machine is an environmentally friendly way of cleaning, without the use of any chemicals and cleaning solutions, environmentally friendly and pollution-free.
  5. Laser cleaning equipment portable, easy to operate and flexible manual operation.
  6. Fiber optic transmission, convenient to work with robots and motion mechanisms to achieve long-distance operation (some dangerous places), to ensure the safety of personnel.
  7. Laser cleaning system can be used steadily for a long time, low operating costs, only electricity is required.

Handheld laser cleaning

Manual handheld laser cleaning can clean those workpieces that are not easy to move, selective cleaning workpieces, some dead-end places can also be flexible cleaning in place. When cleaning uneven workpieces, the handheld laser cleaning head can also be adjusted up and down the focus of cleaning, producing uniform cleaning effect.

1000w Laser Handheld Welder

laser welding machine, handheld laser welder

1000w laser paint removal for wheel

laser cleaning machine 1kw for wheel paint removal

JNCT laser cleaning machine features:

Our JNCT handheld laser cleaner has the following application advantages.

  1. laser rust removal has a variety of pulse waveform options to meet different materials cleaning.
  2. The laser paint removal has high energy of single pulse, high cleaning efficiency.
  3. The laser cleaner has uniform distribution of spot energy, cleaning does not hurt the substrate.
  4. Laser cleaning machine using the chassis structure, smaller size, easy to carry mobile.
  5. The output cable is long, the processing width is large, and can be operated from a distance.

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