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laser cleaning metal

Laser cleaning metal tips – Productive hacks to improve your metal rust removal work

With the development of laser technology, laser cleaning machine has been widely used in almost all industrial fields, such as metal laser cleaning in automobiles, rail transit, ships, aerospace, home appliances, consumer electronics, photovoltaics, optics, hardware, electroplating and other fields.

Metal laser cleaning tips:

  1. Different metal materials have different absorption coefficients for the laser wavelength. The choice of laser type and wavelength has an important influence on the cleaning effect

Table1 The absorption coefficients of metallic materials at different laser wave lengths

Absorption coefficient
Different Metal materialLon Laser(0.488um)Ruby(0.6943um)YAG lASER(1.06um)CO2 laser(10.6um)

The energy threshold of laser cleaning will determine the effect of laser rust removal. The absorption coefficient of various metals varies with the wavelength of the laser. When λ=916nm-1200 nm, most metals have a higher laser absorption coefficient in this wavelength range, and organics have relatively strong laser absorption in this wavelength range. Because of this, in terms of absorptance, the fiber laser has its unique advantages in all aspects, combining the comparative advantages in all aspects. The organic pollution layer absorbs the laser strongly, and the temperature of the organic pollution layer rises rapidly to the evaporation point to vaporize, so as to achieve the purpose of removing the rust pollution layer without damaging the substrate. Then determine the energy threshold of laser cleaning. The energy threshold of laser cleaning will determine the effect of laser cleaning. Choosing an appropriate laser cleaning energy threshold requires comprehensive consideration of the material’s performance, microstructure, morphological defects, and the influence of factors such as the wavelength and pulse width of the laser.

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laser cleaning metal

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