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Buying A Laser Cutter Guide-How do we choose laser cutting machine?

How do we choose laser cutting machine?- Buying A Laser Cutter Guide. If you are searching for some laser equipment for your business or want to set a small business with laser machine, here is a buying a laser cutter guide for your reference:

Buying a laser cutting equipment should be considered from the following aspects: the self processing needs, the qore components quality, ease of use of the cutter machine, as well as the after sale.

One,Buy a laser cutter much come from the idea of self product processing needs :

First of all, we must select the corresponding equipment in a targeted manner according to our own processing materials and business needs. Combining the metal material, thickness and format you want to process, refer to the machine performance and basic parameters of the major brands of laser cutting machines, and select the most suitable laser cutting machine. Only the most suitable machine can provide enterprises with a comprehensive and most cost-effective laser cutting solution. Different brands of laser cutting machines on the market have different advantages and focuses. We should select them according to our own needs. Generally speaking, the thicker the material to be cut, the greater the power of the laser cutting machine and the higher the price.

Second, Before buying a laser cutter, pay attention to the quality of the core components of the laser cutting machine.

We need to pay great attention to the core components of the laser cutting machine when purchasing. The core components of the laser cutting machine include: laser generator, laser head, servo motor, etc. Among them, there are different manufacturers of laser generators and servo motors from domestic market and abroad. With the inspection of time and the accumulation of experience, the domestic manufacturers’ market is expanding rapidly. When purchasing equipment, ask the laser cutter supplier whether these two components are domestic or imported, and choose the most cost-effective configuration according to the budget. Taking Jinan Changtai CNC Technology Co., Ltd. as an example, Changtai’s laser generators and servo motors can provide customers with more diversified choices. On the basis of ensuring that customers meet their work needs, they recommend the most cost-effective configuration for customers, which can maximize meet the need for customers. In addition to lasers and servo motors, the laser cutter buyers attention should also be paid to the selection of laser heads. Try to choose an auto-focusing laser head that is simple to operate.

Three, attach importance to the ease of use of the laser cutting machine

Some laser cutting machines on the market are very complicated to operate, with such equipment, the laser cutter business owner should invest a long time and cost to train specialized personnel to operate. In order to reduce learning time and labor costs, we must choose a simple and easy-to-use machine. Generally speaking, laser cutting machine manufacturers will provide targeted operation training for free, so please pay attention to inquire clearly when buying. For example, our JNCT laser company , we would like to set the laser cutter easy to operate, and will take the video to show how to use it. Beyond that, consist after sale is also our key element that get the high reputation from our clients.

Four, use and after-sales

Regardless of the quality of a laser cutting machine, we will inevitably encounter various problems in actual use. At this time, whether the manufacturer can respond in time and solve it in time is also a problem that we need to focus on. Jinan Changtai CNC Technology Co., Ltd. has a professional after-sales team that provides customers with online services 24 hours a day and solves any problems encountered during use in a timely manner.

In short, we must proceed from the company’s own processing needs, and select the best matching and best cost-effective laser equipment within the budget.

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