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6 Functions make Double the Efficiency of Laser Cutting Machines-1

6 Functions make Double the Efficiency of Laser Cutting Machines-1
After years of development, fiber laser cutting equipment has been widely used, gradually replacing traditional cutting methods. With the increase of factory orders, the workload to be completed gradually increases, and improving the efficiency of laser cutting has become the top priority.

For example, the idle stroke of the early laser cutting machine is shown in the figure below, which is divided into three actions: ascending, translational, and descending. This process has a long action route and many action nodes, which restricts the cutting efficiency of the laser cutting machine. Today’s optical cutting machine has changed this idle way.

After continuous technological innovation, now in the cutting process, there are six practical functions that greatly improve the processing efficiency and cutting performance of laser cutting machines. Next, let’s take a closer look at these six useful functions.

1. Frog leap function

Leapfrogging is the air travel method of today’s laser cutting machines, and this technical action is a breakthrough in the development of laser cutting machines. This action omits the time of rising and falling, and the laser cutting head moves faster and more efficiently. This feature has become standard on modern laser cutters.

2. Auto focus function

When cutting different materials, the focus of the laser beam is required to fall on different positions of the workpiece section. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the position of the focus. In the early laser cutting machines, manual focusing was generally used, and now many manufacturers’ machines have achieved automatic focusing.

The method of automatic focusing is: before the beam enters the focusing mirror, install a variable curvature reflector (or adjustable mirror), by changing the curvature of the reflector, changing the divergence angle of the reflected beam, thereby changing the focus position and realizing automatic adjustment. coke.

3. Automatic edge finding function

The automatic edge finding function can sense the inclination angle and origin of the sheet, and adjust the cutting process to suit the angle and position of the sheet, thereby avoiding waste. Thanks to the automatic edge-finding function, the time to adjust the workpiece earlier is eliminated – moving workpieces weighing hundreds of kilograms on the cutting table is not an easy task, thus greatly increasing the efficiency of the machine.


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