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8kw laser cutting machine

YAG laser, CO2 laser machine, fiber laser which laser is used for metal cutting?

YAG laser, CO2 laser machine, fiber laser can all be used to cut sheet metal. But the cutting effect, cutting speed, and machine price of the three have a big gap.

YAG is no longer a commonly used metal cutting laser. I will not introduce it in detail here. Next, we will mainly compare the difference between CO2 metal laser cutter and fiber metal laser cutter in cutting metal sheets:

  1. Different luminescent media

In the CO2 metal laser cutting machine, gas is the medium that generates the laser beam, and the beam is transmitted through the reflector. Fiber lasers are transmitted through diodes and fiber optic cables, and multiple diode pumps produce laser beams, which are then transmitted to the laser cutting head through fiber optic cables, instead of transmitting the beams through mirrors.

  1. The appearance of laser metal laser cutter is more compact

Due to the different laser transmission structure, the fiber metal laser cutting machine of the same power is more compact than the CO2 laser metal cutter, which saves the space of the plant and is more suitable for the application of the old warehouse.

  1. The electro-optical conversion efficiency of the metal fiber laser cutting machine is relatively high

The metal fiber laser cutting machine adopts a complete solid-state digital module and a single fiber laser design. The electro-optical conversion efficiency is higher than that of carbon dioxide metal laser cutter. The actual total utilization rate of each power supply of the CO2 laser cutting machine is about 8%~10%. The total utilization rate is about 25% to 30%. The total energy consumption of the fiber laser metal cutting system is 3 to 5 times lower than that of the carbon dioxide cutting system, which is increased by more than 86%.

  1. The processing effect of metal fiber laser cutting machine is better

Metal laser cutter fiber lasers have short-wavelength characteristics, which improve the absorption of light beams by cutting materials, making it possible to cut non-conductive materials such as brass. When the cutting metal material thickness reaches 6mm, the cutting speed of a 1500W fiber laser cutting machine is equivalent to that of a 3000W carbon dioxide laser cutting machine.

Besides, the fiber metal laser cutting machine also have below advantage:

  1. High precision: suitable for cutting precision parts and various craft characters and fine cutting.
  2. Fast speed: more than 100 times that of wire cutting.
  3. The heat-affected zone is small and not easy to deform. The cutting seam is smooth and beautiful, without subsequent processing.
  4. High cost performance of metal laser cutter
  5. The use cost of metal laser cutter is very low
  6. The follow-up maintenance cost is very low
  7. Stable performance, which can ensure continuous production.

Above all, Laser cutting equipment is mainly divided into fiber laser cutting machine, YAG laser cutting machine and CO2 laser cutting machine. All three types of machines can be used for metal laser cutter, but we recommend the fiber laser cutting machine for metal cutting.


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