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Application of Laser Welding Technology in Body Welding

Application of Laser Welding Technology in Body Welding
With the continuous improvement of the speed and level of economic development, the laser welding technology of automobile body has also achieved better development. It is precisely because of the effective application of automobile laser welding technology that my country’s automobile manufacturing industry has achieved better and faster development.

When welding automobile bodies, laser technology plays an immeasurable role and value in the production of automobile parts and components due to its advantages of high energy density, neutral beam, better accessibility and non-contact welding. In automobile body manufacturing, the application of new materials such as high-strength aluminum alloys has become more common, which makes the connection between the production of automobile body parts and laser welding technology more inseparable, complementing and promoting each other, showing a trend of coordinated development .

The applications of laser welding technology in automobile body welding include:

1. Application of laser tailor welding of unequal thickness plates

In the process of car body design and manufacturing, the application of laser tailor welding technology of unequal thickness plates is mainly to combine the performance requirements and design requirements of the car body, and the plates of different materials, thicknesses and properties are cut and spliced ​​by laser cutting and splicing technology. Connected into a whole, and then stamped into a body part. The use of laser tailor welding technology can effectively reduce or reduce the number of molds and parts, so that the amount of materials can be better optimized, the weight of components can be better reduced, and many assembly workloads and splicing processes can be reduced. Thus, the cost of car body manufacturing is effectively reduced, and the dimensional accuracy of the car body is further improved.

2. Application of laser group welding of body assembly and sub-assembly

In the laser welding of body assemblies and sub-assemblies, laser deep penetration welding technology has better connection quality and faster welding speed, which can promote better utilization of laser welding technology in the field of body manufacturing. In the process of car body manufacturing, the use of laser welding technology can effectively improve the rigidity, sealing and strength of the car body, and can also effectively reduce the weight of the car body, so as to achieve the goals of energy saving and consumption reduction. At the same time, the use of laser welding technology to carry out the manufacture of automobile body can promote the better improvement of the assembly accuracy of the body, improve the rigidity of the body, and enhance the safety and stability of the body.

3. Laser welding of auto parts

At present, in the welding of auto parts, laser welding has gradually replaced traditional welding, especially the welding of body-related parts and the welding of other parts are realized by laser welding technology, the welding speed is relatively fast, and the welding parts are basically It will not deform and does not need post-weld heat treatment. It has strong applicability and high efficiency, and has a wide range of applications. In the automobile manufacturing industry, laser welding technology is widely used in the welding of automobile body-in-white, and the welding technology and effect are very good, and it is also the most commonly used technology by large automobile manufacturers.

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