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DIY jewelry welder

Jewelry spot welding machines are usually desktop models with small size and quality, which can save transportation costs. In addition, its operation is simple, the machine adopts a touch screen to adjust machine parameters, and low power consumption. The single pulse energy of the ordinary power supply is higher to reach the pulse energy of the jewelry spot welding machine. In addition, the jewelry spot welding machine uses a gold-plated reflective laser condensing cavity, which makes the machine’s performance more stable and does not require routine maintenance. The welding process will not damage other jewelry inlaid on the jewelry.
The traditional craft of jewelry welding requires a fire blowing kit for welding, and high-temperature roasting with a large fire to achieve the effect of melting gold and welding. In addition, a workbench and various utensils are needed. The jewelry laser welding machine is compact and lighter, simple to operate, and has a high safety factor. The main components of the jewelry laser welding machine are laser cavity, laser source (xenon lamp and YAG crystal), control system, shadowless lamp and vacuum cleaner.
The size of the machine is 100*60*75 CM, and the body weight is 100 kg. It is a small machine that is convenient for transportation and user movement. Although the machine is small in size, it has the same configuration as the desktop integrated or split welding machine, and a built-in CCD can also be installed. It does not require a large working area, and can easily carry out welding work at home. All in all, the mini jewelry welding machine is a good choice for jewelry welding machine.
In the process of handmade jewelry, it is inevitable that some accessories need to be fixed on the jewelry by welding. This is the jewelry welding machine is your best choice. The jewelry welding machine can set different parameters for different metals, and adjust the spot size for welding objects of different sizes. The flexibility is very good, and the welding work can be completed quickly and accurately by laser. Not only that, after the welding operation, the jewelry can still maintain a perfect appearance, which is deeply loved by jewelry repairers.

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