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Characteristics and Application of Jewelry laser welding machine

Jewelry laser welding machine is a jewelry specifically for such a tiny piece of welding equipment, laser welding machine with high energy pulse laser method to implement for jewelry processing and shaping, in now seems to be very advanced jewelry laser welding technology, this equipment is in reshaping jewelry is very delicate electronic equipment products.

The following are the main features of the jewelry laser welding machine

1. Good safety: with high speed electronic filter protection device, protect the operator’s eyes from laser damage, relieve the operator’s eye fatigue, improve work efficiency.

2. Strong anti-interference ability: the use of advanced new science and technology micro industrial computer, instead of all the functions of ordinary computer, its operation and stability to a higher level, advancing with The Times.

3. High stability: double closed loop precision control is adopted to ensure the energy of each solder joint is uniform and consistent.

4. Simple and convenient operation: equipped with large screen high-definition LCD, all Chinese interface parameter setting is simple and easy to understand, can save multiple parameters for continuous work.

5. Environmental protection: the use of closed welding convenient replacement, clean working area and welding dust recovery, reasonable use of resources, reduce costs.

Jewelry laser welding machine also has the characteristics of energy, pulse width, frequency, spot size and so on can be adjusted in a larger range, in order to achieve a variety of welding effects.The parameters are adjusted by the control lever in the closed cavity, simple and efficient.The use of British imported ceramic condensing cavity, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, condensing cavity life (8-10 years), xenon lamp life of more than 8 million times.

laser welding machine

Jewelry laser welding machine is mainly used for hole repair, spot welding sand hole, and repair welding of gold and silver jewelry.The use of laser deposition welding, laser high thermal energy and focus on the welding technology of fixed point, surface heat through conduction to the internal diffusion, by controlling the width of laser pulse, energy, peak power and repetition frequency and other parameters, so that the workpiece melting, forming a specific molten pool.Because of its unique advantages, it has been successfully used in gold and silver jewelry processing and micro – small parts welding.

laser welding machine

Jewelry laser welding machine features:

1. The most advanced automatic shading system is used to eliminate the irritation to eyes during working hours.

2. The laser beam can realize the time and energy of the beam, can be processed at the same time, the welding speed is significantly improved, users in a short time efficient, high quality to complete the processing orders.

3. Laser welding is seamless welding, without external force;The energy is highly concentrated in the welding process, no consumables are needed during welding, and the toughness after welding is at least equal to the parent material.The current laser waveform of the welding equipment can be set arbitrarily and can be applied to all kinds of materials to achieve the best results.

4. The heat influence zone is small, the laser beam can focus on a small area, can weld small and close interval parts;Realize the welding of precision parts of the opposite metal material.

5. Under the automation can achieve high-speed welding, can also be digital or computer control, to achieve precision machining;There will be no backmelting phenomenon during welding.

6. For high melting point, refractory, refractory metal, can be easily welded (like titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, etc.) good effect;The mechanical strength after the weld is often higher than that of the base metal.

7. The use of professional motion control software, single-chip microcomputer set graphics mode, can complete automatic or semi-automatic spot welding, butt welding, stack welding, sealing welding, single-segment straight line in the plane, arc and other tracks of welding.

8. Laser welding humanized design, ergonomic, long time work without fatigue, with 24 hours continuous working ability, the machine working performance is stable, maintenance-free operation.

Jewelry laser welding machine is suitable for welding platinum, K gold, silver, titanium, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metal materials and their alloys.

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