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Common problems in the use of handheld laser welding machines and their solutions

Common problems in the use of handheld laser welding machines and their solutions
In the current welding field, the use of hand-held laser welding machines has become extremely common. It is very popular among users because of its convenient operation, portability, fast welding speed and high product yield. However, when using a handheld laser welding machine, there may be some problems. Let’s sort out the common faults of laser welding machines and how to deal with them.
1. The solubility of laser welding machine is not enough
It can be solved by increasing the pulse width and increasing the current, or adjusting the defocus amount close to the point position.
2. Cracks appear during welding by laser welding machine
It can be solved by reducing the air flow through the flow rate of the protector, or reducing the temperature of the cooling water and increasing the water temperature. If the workbench is not cleaned, you can re-clean the workbench. If the welding seam of the laser welding machine is very deep, it is necessary to use nitrogen or other inert gas in time, or adjust the airflow direction of the protector, which is opposite to the movement direction of the workpiece.
3. If the laser beam is weakened when the laser welding machine is welding
It can be solved by changing the cooling water. If the main optical path laser is deviated, it is necessary to adjust the main optical path total return or semi-reflection film. If there is an open flame that does not fully bounce, you need to check whether there is any remaining lubricating oil on the shutter connection.
The above are the common faults and processing methods of laser welding machines, I hope to help you.

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