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Application of laser cleaning in tire molds, etc.

Application of laser cleaning in tire molds, etc.

After the stone carving collection of Insbrentier, one of the most important stone carving collections in the United Kingdom, was cleaned by laser, people observed the surface of the stone carving after laser cleaning machine with an electron microscope, and found that the structure of the stone did not change after laser cleaning. The surface is smooth and flat with no damage. This is completely different from the surface cleaned by micro-particle blasting (sand blasting). The damage to the marble surface structure after microparticle jet cleaning is unavoidable, especially for the marble surface with an existing sulfate scale layer. Electron microscope observation also found that after laser irradiation, the properties of the subsurface rock materials were neither degraded nor changed.
Laser cleaning of limestone, marble and other high-grade stone materials has become a new and promising business project. In addition to the cleaning of stone materials, laser cleaning has a good effect in the cleaning of glass, metal, molds, magnetic disks and various microelectronic products. In the production of automobile tires, the bottom and surrounding patterns of tire molds are It needs to be cleaned every two to three weeks, and the entire mold needs to be thoroughly cleaned every few months. The traditional method is to use chemical liquid to soak or sandblast cleaning, which is not only expensive, noisy and polluted, but also affects the surface quality of the mold.

In addition, this type of cleaning method cannot realize online cleaning, and the disassembly of the mold before cleaning and the installation of the mold after cleaning take a long time, which affects the normal operation of the production line. Using laser technology to clean the mold can realize the online cleaning operation. Depending on the amount of organic deposits on the surface of the mold and the structure of the rubber, it only takes 45-90 minutes to clean a set of molds (including loading, unloading and cleaning the parts on both sides of the mold). Since the mold surface can reflect the laser beam, the mold surface will not be damaged by the laser. Laser cleaning is highly flexible, and users can completely replace other methods in use with this technology. At present, YAG lasers have been used abroad to realize the online cleaning of tire molds on tire production lines, and have been applied to the industry. When the mold needs to be cleaned, turn on the vulcanizer at the same time as the vulcanization is over, and move the laser mold cleaning system to the vulcanizer to clean the mold without waiting for the mold to cool.

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