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Does fiber laser marking machine have radiation damage or other harm to human body?

Many people are worried that the laser beam of laser marking machine can cause great harm to the human body, but is this really the case?Of course not. There is radiation, but not high radiation.Radiation is emitted by many things, even ourselves — it’s normal for our bodies to emit small amounts of radiation every day.And there are many kinds of radiation: nuclear radiation, solar radiation, electromagnetic radiation, computer radiation and so on are often mentioned, there is the possibility of harm to the human body.


laser marking will bring high radiation?

(1) The maximum radiation value that the human body can withstand: The academic community currently believes that the radiation amount of 1000 millisieverts will cause significant harm to the human body.

(2) Mobile phone radiation is measured by the SAR value, which represents the permissible amount of radiation absorbed by the organism (including the human body) per unit kilogram. This SAR value represents the impact of radiation on the human body, and is the most direct test value. Taking the sensitive part of the human body — the brain as an example, the standard SAR value must be less than 1.67 watts.

(3) Relevant data show that the highest SAR value of CDM A mobile phone currently in use on the market is 1.55W/KG, while the highest SAR value of GSM mobile phone is 1.49W/KG, the lowest SAR value of CDM A mobile phone is 1.07W/KG, and the lowest GSM mobile phone is 0.22W/KG.

(4) to a 20W fiber laser marking machine, for example, its radiation in the running state is 0.00029W/cm^2, and the microwave radiation standard developed in 1998 is 0.00045W/cm^2, it can be said that in the process of using laser marking machine to produce radiation is much smaller than the use of mobile phones and household microwave ovens.

The smart devices such as mobile phones, computers, televisions and so on have their own radiation.It is true that tiny amounts of radiation are produced during the process of marking with a laser marking machine, but the amount is even lower than what you would receive if you were outside in the sun.

In fact, the beam of the laser marking machine is very small. Some operators always stare at the laser beam habitually. If they look at the spark of the laser for a long time, it is harmful to the eyes, and there will be a slight tingling sensation.Therefore, if you look at the beam for a long time, there will always be some effect on people’s eyes, so try not to stare at the laser beam.

After researchers survey will find in the use of laser marking machine, as long as able to normative operation, generally will not affect to the body, but if the operation method is not correct, likely will affect the health of the eye, so the operator during operation as far as possible to wear protective glasses, laser marking machine in general is no harm to the body,But it is not to say that there is no harm, do any work may be harmful, we can rest assured that the use of.

Will the labeling process produce toxic gases?

First of all, the laser marking machine uses the thermal energy of the laser to burn or etch the marked items, so as to form words, patterns, marks and so on. It only needs electricity to achieve production. In the process of marking, according to different materials, it sometimes produces trace toxic gases.

Such as:

(1) Plastics: most of the combustion will produce phenolic gas, polyvinyl chloride insulation combustion release a large number of hydrogen chloride gas, flue gas contains a large number of carbon monoxide, plastic hot gas and sulfide mixed toxic gases.But this is when the plastic is completely burned, and of course the heat from the laser marking can also cause the plastic to produce traces of toxic gas.

(2) most of the metal material can be used for laser marking because of its stable nature and high density, usually do not produce toxic gas, but the aluminum material will produce trace dust in the process of marking.

Therefore, laser marking is best to be carried out in good ventilation or with professional cleaning equipment.

Do lasers burn your skin?

The laser emitted by the laser marking head will have a certain high heat. The laser used by the laser marking machine belongs to 4 types of lasers. The output laser is invisible infrared light, so we should pay attention to avoid the exposure of the eyes or skin to the direct laser beam or the scattered radiation.Therefore, as long as the laser marking is not intentionally triggered in a dangerous situation, and very few people will directly put their hands or other body parts under the laser marking head.In addition, laser technology is also a very common technology used in human skin, such as laser mole removal, laser tattoo, etc.

To sum up, the laser marking machine does contain a small amount of harmless radiation to the human body. In a long time of close direct firing or direct laser, it will cause irreversible effects on the eyes, but many of them are in the case of a very small probability of occurrence.

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