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How to choose laser cleaning machine

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Laser cleaning is a green and efficient way of cleaning, whether in personal life to clean cars, house renovation beam cleaning, or industrial production used in the aerospace field to clean the aircraft bulkhead rust, production equipment off the embroidery, etc., can see the wide range of laser cleaning machine. Laser cleaners are suitable for the cleaning of various organic and inorganic materials, such as oil, rust, release agents, paint, etc. There are various models of laser cleaners on the market, how to choose the right laser cleaner and what should I know before I buy one? Our JNCT company will give certain introduction and recommendation according to the model of laser cleaning machinery combined with user needs, to help customers find the right laser cleaning machine.
how to choose laser cleaner

Get the basic demand information

Before recommending the right laser cleaning machine and proposing the appropriate cleaning solution, we need to have a deep understanding of your application needs, which include the following common questions.

  • What objects do you need to clean with a laser cleaner? How many sizes are being cleaned? Is there a clear picture or video of the size and shape of the contaminants?
  • What is the substrate of the object you need to clean? For example, the common substrates for laser cleaning are metal products, stainless steel paint removal and rust removal, house beams with carbon steel as the substrate, as well as stone, ceramic products, etc.
  • What is the thickness of the contamination of the object to be cleaned? What type is it? Paint or oxidized rust? Or is it oil or something like that?
  • What kind of cleaning method was used before this? How long is the cleaning cycle?
  • What cleaning rate do you want to achieve?
  • What is the next processing step after cleaning?
  • Are there any details that need to be taken into account during the operation?

Our sales is communicating with the technical engineer for the requirement about the laser cleaning machine, once it was confirmed, the engineer will offer a clean solution for the buyer.

Once we have a better understanding of your application, we will give you a suitable recommendation according to the characteristics of our laser cleaning machine products and the type of application. In order to achieve the desired results, we will match a suitable model to our recommended model, and conduct corresponding simulation experiments in the laboratory to optimize the laser cleaning parameters to obtain the best pulse width, frequency, scanning speed and other parameters, both from technical parameters and from the actual operation.

Two aspects that usually considering when choose a right laser cleaner

In terms of machine parameters, we need to consider the following aspects.

Choose the right laser cleaner: the laser needs to consider is the transmission system and power

Transmission System

How to choose the laser cleaning machine transmission system?

Commonly available on the market laser cleaning machine transmission system with continuous laser transmission and pulsed transmission laser cleaning machine, both laser cleaning machine is a fiber laser transmission cleaning method. Both can effectively remove the object surface contaminants and paint, rust, etc.. But in the use of the way and cost and different.

Pulse Laser Cleaner

Pulsed laser, power range 100w-1000w common is the low power pulse laser cleaning machine, there are 100w,200w300w, relatively low power can better control the heat input, to prevent the substrate temperature is too high or produce micro-melt.

CW laser cleaner- Continuous Wave laser cleaning machine

Continuous laser cleaning machine (cw laser cleaner) using high-power lasers, commonly used 1000w, 1500w, 2000w, high power continuous light heat input is greater, so the damage to the substrate will also increase.

According to the different substrates, for high precision, the need to strictly control the substrate temperature, requiring no damage to the substrate applications, you can choose to use pulse laser cleaning machine, such as mold, heritage cleaning, etc..

For the substrate damage requirements are not high products, such as steel structures, pipelines, machinery and equipment, etc., large volume and fast heat dissipation, you can use a continuous laser.

Laser Cleaning Machine Power

Choosing the right power level

We have pulsed laser cleaning and continuous laser cleaning according to the transmission method, from the power to distinguish the two have a clear distinction, but also a certain overlap.

Low-power pulsed cleaners:

Pulsed laser cleaning machine power is generally low, such as the common 100w pulsed laser cleaning machine, 200w pulsed laser cleaning, this type is generally known as low-power laser cleaning machine. These types of laser cleaners use short pulsed laser, low power, but very effective. Their most important feature is that they provide a gentle, high-precision cleaning method with minimal damage to the substrate. Suitable for historical restoration, removal of coatings and small area cleaning, high cleaning intensity, suitable for welding spot/welding black cleaning; etching rust removal; oxide layer removal, oil removal.

Low power pulse cleaner applications.

Low-power pulse cleaner is suitable for cleaning objects such as household valuables, historical relics, injection molds, small auto parts, hardware industry, stainless steel products factory; new energy / power battery industry (pole column, pole piece cleaning, power battery module cleaning before welding), etc. Any need for gentle cleaning without harming the substrate can choose low-power pulse cleaner.

In the cooling mode, low-power laser cleaners produce little heat, so the use of air-cooled refrigeration can meet the cooling needs.

100w pulse laser cleaning machine

Low Power Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine Price

-100w pulse laser cleaner

-200w pulse laser cleaner

Medium power laser solutions

Our medium power lasers have faster cleaning speed for larger surface area cleaning and are commonly available as 300w, 500w pulse cleaners which are digitally controlled and user friendly. Each laser is controlled by its matching optical system, ideal for oxide or lubricant removal prior to welding.

Medium power laser cleaner applications.

Medium power laser cleaners can effectively remove oxides, oil removal; paint removal; targeted corrosion removal on aircraft wings, composite materials and tire molds, historic restoration, paint stripping on aircraft, mold release agent removal, etc.

Medium power laser cleaning machine can achieve a certain cleaning efficiency, suitable for new energy vehicles before welding cleaning.

Automotive parts oil, rust layer removal; small and medium-sized mold cleaning (oxidation layer, oil, thinner mold release agent removal).

In the cooling mode, because of the higher power of the laser, it produces more heat. Therefore, there are certain requirements for an effective cooling mechanism for the laser. If the cooling mechanism is not effective, the machine and the product will be affected, therefore, we JNCT as a professional pulse laser manufacturer, in order to solve the cooling method, from medium power to high power pulse cleaning machine type, we will adopt the water-cooled cooling method, this cooling method is more effective and fast to help the machine heat dissipation, to maintain a long time work production activities.

High Power Laser Solutions

We have two types of high power laser solutions, one is a high power pulsed laser cleaner, such as 1000w pulsed laser cleaner, the other is a high power continuous laser cleaner, high power pulsed laser cleaner due to the cost of expensive, generally we do not recommend, prefer to recommend to users suitable for industrial use of high power continuous laser cleaner. Common models are 1000w continuous laser cleaning machine, 1500w continuous laser cleaning machine, 2000w continuous laser cleaning machine, etc., is the ideal choice for industrial use and.

High power laser cleaners are suitable for cleaning occasions such as: elimination of corrosion of metals, removal of dangerous coatings, pre-treatment of welds, nuclear decontamination, cleaning before non-destructive testing/investigation, which can effectively do red rust removal; paint removal.

Suitable for sheet metal plants, infrastructure steel structure rust layer and paint removal.

laser cleaning machine

Risk of using the wrong laser

Laser cleaning method is considered as one of the safest and most effective cleaning methods, but it can also bring some losses and dangers if laser cleaning equipment is not chosen properly. That’s why we spend critical time during the sales process to determine your needs and test lasers to ensure that the laser solution built for the order is perfectly suited to your industry requirements. If you use the wrong laser, you run the risk of below:

  • Damaging your product and damaging the product’s substrate.
  • Not cleaning your product properly and not reaching the desired level of cleanliness.
  • The laser is too slow, producing lower productivity
  • Wasting costs on ineffective results

Our laser solutions produce no additional waste and absorb and remove contaminants down to the substrate – without damaging your substrate. This means that every time you use our lasers, you’re ensuring a smooth surface that protects the life of your product and is safe for the environment.

We offer our customers effective and reliable laser cleaning equipment with warranties, optional service/maintenance contracts, and safety training provided by our team – including general and unique safety considerations, equipment operation and maintenance tips, proper troubleshooting strategies, and more.

Because so many factors go into choosing the right laser for you, the only way to determine the best laser solution for your product is to speak with one of our expert laser equipment sales staff. They will give the appropriate guidance, answer all your questions, and select the right laser cleaning equipment for you.

The best feature of our laser cleaners is that they are mobile, handheld and portable to use.

Many laser cleaners are available in portable form. These portable machines weigh no more than a few kilograms (about 15 kg) and are small enough to fit in a suitcase. This type of machine is ideal for cleaning items away from the production/maintenance line.

JNCT LASER specializes in the technology and application of laser cleaning solutions. We offer a range of products from 100W to 2000 watts and the machines are easy to operate, with one-touch operation and appropriate training. Ensuring that every user gets the most out of our portable laser cleaning equipment.

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