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How To Operate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


The Market Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber laser is a new type of fiber laser in the world, and the output of high energy density laser beam, and gathered on the workpiece surface, so that the workpiece is the ultrafine focal spot irradiation area instantaneous melting and gasification, through the numerical control mechanical system to move the spot irradiation position to achieve automatic cutting, high speed, high precision
Many customers bought fiber metal laser cutting machine, for the operation of the mechanical knowledge is very little, now let’s us to learn how to operate the fiber metal laser cutting machine

Specific steps

1. Determine the need to process the material, the sheet metal material fixed flat on the machine, and then determine the stability of the material placed in order to avoid jitter in the cutting process, resulting in cutting accuracy can not meet the requirements.
2. Operate the console, enter the product cutting pattern, and cut the material thickness and other parameters, and then adjust the cutting head to the appropriate focus position, and then reflect and adjust the nozzle center.
3. Start the regulator and the chiller, set the water temperature of the chiller and the water pressure.
4. Start the laser and then turn on the machine.

Practical example(1mm stainless steel)

1.Turn on the switch and voltage regulator.
2.Confirm the water level, turn on water chiller
3.Turn on main power switch
4.Turn on PC and laser source
5.Focus length adjustment . This focus length is for 1mm stainless steel
6.Choose right nozzle
7.Reset Alarms
8.Open vector graphics
9.Scale.adjustment. Set lead line, inner selection,home referance selection
10.Load parameter from parameters library
11.Turn on Nitrogen, adjust to 1.5MPA(For 1mm stainless steel)The number is when press blow in DSP
12.Choose Nitrogen here and open shutter
13.Frame and start

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