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Improve and develop new technology of laser welding

Improve and develop new technology of laser welding

With the progress of the times, the technology of laser welding machine is also constantly developing. The following technologies help to expand the application scope of laser welding and improve the automatic control level of laser welding.

1. Filled wire laser welding

Laser welding generally does not fill the welding wire, but it has high requirements on the assembly gap of the weldment, which is sometimes difficult to guarantee in actual production, which limits its application range. The use of filler wire laser welding can greatly reduce the requirements for assembly gaps. For example, for an aluminum alloy plate with a thickness of 2mm, if no filler wire is used, the gap between the plates must be zero to obtain good forming. Good shaping. In addition, filler wire can also adjust the chemical composition or perform multi-layer welding of thick plates.

2. Beam rotary laser welding

The method of rotating the laser beam for welding can also greatly reduce the requirements for weldment assembly and beam centering. For example, when 2mm thick high-strength alloy steel plates are butted, the allowable seam assembly gap is increased from 0.14mm to 0.25mm; while for 4mm thick plates, it is increased from 0.23mm to 0.30mm. The allowable error in the alignment of the center of the beam and the center of the weld is increased from 0.25mm to 0.5mm.

3. On-line inspection and control of laser welding quality

The detection of laser welding process by the light, sound and charge signals of the plasma has become a research hotspot at home and abroad in recent years, and a few research results have reached the level of closed-loop control

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