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Laser-welded battery tabs for precision and reliability

Laser-welded battery tabs for precision and reliability
Batteries can be seen everywhere in our daily life: mobile phone batteries, computer batteries, electric vehicle batteries

They facilitate our life all the time and the tabs are very important components in the battery.

It is a metal conductor that draws the positive and negative electrodes from the cell, and the contact point between the positive and negative electrodes during charging and discharging. This contact point is a connection inside the battery.

The tabs are divided into three materials: the positive electrode of the battery is made of aluminum (Al) material, the negative electrode is made of nickel (Ni) material, and the negative electrode is also made of copper nickel-plated (Ni—Cu) material.

They are composed of two parts, film and metal tape, which are used in the manufacturing process of lithium batteries.

First solder the tabs to the battery and then proceed to solder the nickel tabs. Welding ensures the reliable connection between the tab and the pole, the welding effect is stable, and the welding seam is beautiful and smooth.
Laser welding of battery tabs belongs to fusion welding. It uses laser beam as energy and impacts on weldment joints. It has high energy density, small deformation, narrow heat-affected zone, high welding speed, easy automatic control, good stability and firmer connection. , high security and speed.
Compared with traditional ultrasonic welding and arc welding, the pollution to the air and the environment is reduced, and the safety of production and the stability of products are improved.

Combining various advantages, many battery manufacturers have chosen laser welding to solve a series of processing problems for the production of batteries. In order to improve efficiency, simplify procedures and save labor costs,
Laser welding of battery tabs is generally automated. To this end, our company can provide a complete set of automated intelligent laser application solutions according to the actual application and different needs of customers, to help customers greatly improve the intelligent manufacturing level of products.

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