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It’s coming! Laser head with 600mm cleaning width!

In continuous laser cleaning equipment, most laser cleaning heads only have a cleaning width of 150-270mm, which indirectly leads to many problems:

1. When the cleaning power is too high, due to the limited width, the unit laser energy is too high, resulting in over-cleaning of the surface, and even slight melting, causing damage to the substrate;

2. When the laser power is adjusted in accordance with the cleaning width, the cleaning ability will be reduced, the performance of the laser cannot be fully released, and the efficiency cannot be maximized;

3. If the width is too narrow, it will also cause problems such as uneven effect due to repeated cleaning at the seam of the two cleanings, and stronger power when the end emits light.


For the market, time is efficiency, and effect is income. A cleaning head that cannot exert the full capabilities of the laser due to the width limitation is obviously unqualified. Based on the grasp of the market, JNCT laser uses this 600mm ultra-wide two-dimensional laser cleaning head.

  • 3000W maximum power

It can stably carry a 3000W laser and work continuously for 72 hours. In manual laser operations, for safety reasons,

3000W is already the maximum power range of a handheld laser head

  • Large cleaning width:600mm

The laser scanning width is 10-600mm, the light output is uniform without distortion, the cleaning effect is consistent, and the maximum cleaning efficiency can reach 60㎡/hour.

  • 2D graphics optional

The light spot can be set as a one-dimensional straight line or a two-dimensional filling pattern, such as circle, square, thread, etc.,

which can flexibly meet the cleaning and light requirements of different workpieces and is more practical.

  • international safety standards

In line with the European standard safety standards, on the basis of the original protection of the domestic laser head, an additional indicator light and safety switch are added,

which can observe the working status of the laser head in real time, making it safer

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