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Laser Welding Process in Automobile Manufacturing

Laser Welding Process in Automobile Manufacturing
1. Flight welding

Laser flight welding combines the advantages of remote welding, galvanometer and manipulator, and cooperates with professional graphics processing software to realize instant multi-track welding in three-dimensional space.

Mainly used in:

In terms of materials, it can be used in various types of steel plates, cold-rolled plates, aluminum alloys and other common materials, as well as in composite materials and alloy materials such as magnesium and aluminum alloys.

Seat flight welding advantages:

  • any form of weld
  • any weld direction
  • User defined weld/point distribution
  • Optimal force distribution
  • High-speed spot, seam, stitch, butt, fillet, and lap welds
  • The welding head and the robot are synchronized in real time to speed up the laser welding process
  • less footprint
  • Less maintenance and logistics costs

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