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Can laser cleaning replace dry ice cleaning?

  • Dry ice cleaning

The advantages of dry ice cleaning are mainly compared with traditional chemical cleaning agents. Most of the advantages it has are well known to us:

1 The cleaning process does not use chemicals and does not pollute the environment.

2 Compared with cleaning agents, the cleaning effect of dry ice cold spray is more thorough and the cleaning is cleaner. And will not cause damage to the material.

3 There is no need to shut down the equipment, no need to disassemble and assemble the equipment, and it can be cleaned online, which can reduce the downtime compared with chemical cleaning agents.

4 The operation is easy to use, and the process link is simple, which can realize automatic operation and reduce labor costs.

Dry ice blasting is widely used as an alternative to chemical cleaning agents


But at the same time, the disadvantages of dry ice cleaning are also obvious:

1 It is not so much that it can be cleaned online in a hot state when the equipment is not shut down, it is better to say that the cleaning effect is not good after the equipment is cooled.

2 Strict operating environment requirements. The dangers of dry ice blasting require the wearing of necessary safety protection devices.

3 Cleaning costs are high. Dry ice cleaning machines usually need to be equipped with a dry ice storage tank, dry ice maker, air compressor and air storage tank.

  • Laser cleaning

As an emerging industrial cleaning method, laser cleaning machine is better than dry ice cleaning in the advantages of dry ice cleaning, and makes up for the shortcomings of dry ice cleaning, and has a wider range of applications. It can be said that it is an upgraded and enhanced version of dry ice cleaning, the best alternative version.

Laser cleaning uses light ablation to allow contaminants to be heated by laser energy and instantly evaporate or sublime to vaporize.

As a new technology to replace traditional cleaning, laser has incomparable advantages over traditional methods:

No need to use any chemicals and cleaning liquid; no photochemical reaction, no noise and environmental pollution; no mechanical stress, zero loss of precision instruments; no damage to the health of operators, easy to achieve automatic control, and remote remote cleaning .

If we calculate the cleaning cost according to the financial cost and convert it into the annual depreciation expense, we will find that:
The total cost of laser cleaning is basically the purchase cost, and the subsequent use consumption is only power supply, which can be ignored;

The cost of dry ice cleaning accounts for a large proportion of the cost of consumables. It can be said that as the years of use increase, the more substrates need to be cleaned and the more frequent cleaning, the more expensive it is to use dry ice to clean, and the more cost-effective laser cleaning is.

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