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Spot welder welding gold and silver

Generally speaking, the gold used in our rings, bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry to increase the hardness of it. And gold jewelry usually with a higher K value is mixed with metals such as silver and brass. Therefore, when welding gold jewelry, the welding parameters largely depend on the alloy used to make the gold.

Firstly, as for the terms of metallic properties of silver, it is both highly on reflectivity and conduction. And the principle of laser welding is to generate high temperature through laser refraction to melt the welding point. Therefore, silver is undoubtedly a challenge for laser welding. For the high reflectivity of silver, we can paint blue or black whiteboard markers on the welding place or wipe with oil on the hand to reduce the high reflectivity, which can reduce your welding difficulty.

Here are some features of the jewelry welding machine:

  1. Simple operation: The operation panel touches to adjust the parameters, which is simple and convenient. At the same time, there are adjustment switches in the working area, which can control the light spot, laser parameters, etc.;
  2. No harm to the human body: The machine adopts the world’s leading shading system, which can avoid the laser’s damage to the eyes;
  3. Convenient for waste recycling: The working machine has an inner cavity to facilitate the recycling of precious metals and avoid unnecessary waste;
  4. Accurate: High-definition 10x microscope, and the screen has a cross cursor to better find the focus;
  5. Good welding effect: shielding gas such as argon or nitrogen can be added during the welding process to prevent the processing object from oxidizing and discoloring the solder joint during the welding process;
  6. Good lighting in the working cavity: the use of ring-shaped shadowless LEDs with adjustable brightness can make the operator observe more clearly;
  7. Reasonable design: Humanized design is adopted, which conforms to ergonomic mechanics, which can reduce user fatigue from long-term work.

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