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Spot welder for beginer

The laser of the jewelry welding machine belongs to the YAG laser, which uses YAG as the material to generate the laser. The material in the spot area is heated by the high-energy pulsed laser. The energy of the laser is converted into heat energy on the material and diffused into the material, thereby forming a molten pool . This is a kind of welding for thin-walled materials and more precise instrument parts through spot welding. The welding speed is fast, the welding position is accurate, the welding surface is beautiful and smooth, and no secondary processing is required. It is the best choice for welding metal parts and jewelry accessories.


Speaking of which, jewelry welding machine is the best choice for new. First of all, the cost-effectiveness of the machine can be very high, wearing simple jewelry, as well as precision jewelry and instruments such as welding glasses. Secondly, for its operation comparison, it is necessary to set different parameters in the control system according to the requirements of different welding materials to complete the preparation work before welding. Users can test the materials used in the test machine. As long as you perform a few more welding tasks, you can master it yourself.

This machine is very user-friendly and the learning cycle is fast. There are not too many complicated systems and operations. First, before using the machine, you need to check whether the machine’s power supply and water tank parameters are normal, and check the gas connection of the machine and equipment. After ensuring that all the parameters used in the welding process are normal, you can turn on the power, turn on the machine, the water cooler, the shielding gas valve, enter the working parameters, and start the welding task. After the final welding operation, the equipment can be turned off in turn, and finally the power supply can be turned off. If you encounter water leakage from the water tank, abnormal noise from the laser, etc., you need to press the emergency stop button and cut off the power immediately.

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