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How much is Jewelry welding machine?

Jewelry welding is to weld a piece of jewelry that has been damaged or dropped to its original shape.

The jewelry welding machine uses a high-energy laser to locally heat the jewelry site, and through the thermal preview of the material, the material is melted to form a molten pool, thereby completing the welding. This kind of laser welding is usually used for welding precision jewelry and instruments. It belongs to spot welding. The welding effect is good, the positioning point is high, and it can be automated.

Jewelry welding machine generally split type jewelry welding machine, split type jewelry welding machine and desktop style jewelry welding machine. The internal composition of the machine is the same, only the appearance is different. The market price generally ranges from 350-4500 US dollars. The price of jewelry welding machine is higher than that of other styles of jewelry welding. Because of its small size, the transportation cost is more cost-effective. All-in-one. One advantage of the sub-type welding machine is that the daily maintenance is simpler because of the separate all-in-one machine. All-in-one welding machines are the cheapest, but the shipping costs are higher.

For desktop-style jewelry welding machines, the price is usually around four thousand dollars. The power of the machine is usually 200W, and the desktop integrated jewelry welding machine can achieve 300W. The water cooler of the machine is usually 3 liters, and the water tank of the split and integrated jewelry welding machine is 5-6L. In addition, there will be a double lamp cavity (YAG crystal + xenon lamp), and the control system may be PLC or EZCard. If you need a built-in monitoring probe, you probably need to add 500-800 US dollars. Under normal circumstances, the factory will provide light metering paper to facilitate customers to adjust the light when changing the xenon lamp.

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