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The Advantages Of Enclosed Laser Cutting Machine

1. Avoid laser damage to eyes

The fiber laser that can be used to cutting is generally three class or four class laser, they are not only prohibit to look directly at, and also the power of its scattered light is also not to be underestimated.Many operators in the operation of the laser cutting machine, like to stare at the cutting head, long time to the eyes, causing pain.

The ring structure of the laser cutting machine to maximize the laser and the operator isolation.After adjusting various parameters, cutting samples meet the standard requirements, close the side sliding door of the cutting machine, fully closed cutting, to avoid laser damage to the human body

enclosed fiber laser cutting machine

2. Prevention of machine gun injuries

Although laser cutting machine uses laser instead of blade as the processing tool, the probability of mechanical injury has been greatly reduced, but it is still not 100% guaranteed that there will be no accidents.And the enveloping laser cutting machine will be the processing structure, processing materials, conductive device and the operator is completely isolated, to minimize the risk of possible accidents.

laser cutting machine

3. Curb smoking

Laser cutting belongs to thermal cutting, during the cutting process, it will casues a lot of smoke, although the laser cutting machine is generally equipped with a dust device, but there are still some smoke escape, pollution to the working environment, the operator’s body harm.

The enclosed structure of the enveloping laser cutting machine makes the soot escaping very little, even negligible.

4. More professional

Enclosed fiber laser cutting machine is more suitable for large modern factory, it not only looks good and beautiful and professional, it also can keep the workshop clean and tidy.It is more suitable for the modern and intelligent workshop of large enterprises in Europe and America.

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