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The difference between laser cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is to use ultrasonic waves as a generator, and the alternating-frequency signal sent out is converted into alternating-frequency mechanical vibration through the transducer, and then propagates to the medium (that is, the rupture phenomenon occurs in the form of “bubbles” in the cleaning solution), when “cavitation” occurs. “At the moment when the surface of the object to be washed is ruptured, an impact force far exceeding 1,000 atmospheric pressure is generated, causing the dirt in the voids on the surface of the object to be dispersed, cracked and peeled off.

The laser cleaning technology concentrates the energy in a small space range and time range and acts on the joint between the dirt and the substrate, so that it vaporizes or volatilizes or is instantly thermally expanded to overcome the adsorption force of the surface on the particles, so that it can be separated from the surface of the object. .

From the perspective of their respective principles

The difference between the two is that the laser cleaning operation is more convenient. Generally, it can be cleaned by hand. It does not need any medium. It can directly clean the surface of the object. It has a good effect on large-area cleaning and precision parts cleaning. 50° is enough.

The ultrasonic needs to add a cleaning machine. The higher the ultrasonic power density, the stronger the cavitation effect, the faster the speed, and the better the cleaning effect. However, for workpieces that require high precision surface finish, the use of long-term high power density cleaning will affect the cleaning effect. Cavitation corrosion occurs on the surface of the workpiece. Ultrasonics are suitable for cleaning small volumes, and cannot clear sub-micron particle contamination, and cannot remove coating layers, etc. These laser cleaning is not a problem.

The above is the difference between laser cleaning machine and ultrasonic cleaning machine. Laser cleaning has obvious advantages. It is efficient, fast, and low in cost. It has small thermal and mechanical loads on the processing materials, and cleaning is non-destructive; it does not damage the health of operators; the cleaning process is easy to achieve automatic control, and remote remote cleaning is realized.

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