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The Features and advantages of Mopa laser marking machine

The Advantages if Mopa laser marking machine:

MOPA laser marking machine is also called black special marking machine, because it can be easy to black on alumina and aluminum alloy, other laser marking machine is difficult to do this, which is the biggest difference between MOPA laser marking machine and other laser marking machine. MOPA laser marking machine is a fiber laser with direct electrically modulated semiconductor laser as seed source (MOPA), which has good laser characteristics and good ability to control the pulse shape.

First from the machine proofing effect and the scope of application to do the description.MOPA laser marking machine is suitable for fine marking of metal and non-metal materials.Such as digital product parts laser blackening, mobile phone keys, light transmittance keys, mobile phone shell, key panel, electronic components, oxidation, plastic marks, handicraft gifts, oxidation treatment and coating, plating and spraying surface treatment.

MOPA laser marking machine is more capable of engraving fine marks, optical fiber machine is suitable for metal and non-metal hard plastic marking is not indicated to be fine.For example, for example, alumina, and some galvanized metal with ordinary optical fiber machine is difficult to hit the black effect, but MOPA laser marking machine can easily hit the black effect;Also such as many friends to consult the mobile phone back cover marking requirements can achieve the effect of Apple mobile phone back cover, then also to MOPA laser marking equipment to do, ordinary laser machine out of the effect is not so fine will rough edge, but MOPA laser marking machine do not need to worry about such a problem.

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The characteristics of Mopa laser marking machine:

MOPA laser marking machine by MOPA fiber laser with adjustable pulse width output laser, through high-speed scanning mirror system to achieve marking function.With high quality laser beam, the use of low cost, one hundred thousand hours free maintenance, suitable for alumina black, 304 stainless steel color, black plastic white, white plastic black and other fields, laser out of the pattern of font environmental protection in line with RoHS standards.

Compared with the general laser marking machine, MOPA laser marking machine is characterized by adjustable pulse width and large frequency range.General laser marking machine pulse width is fixed, the range of 80-120ns, frequency in 20kHz-80kHz.MOPA marking machine (IPG’s 20 Watt YLPM as an example) has adjustable pulse width of 2-200ns and frequency of 1.6kHz-1000kHz.This device is designed with an integrated frame structure in the whole structure, which is stable in operation and has no noise. Operators can also know the specific advantages during operation, so that they can use it more reasonably.

MOPA laser marking machine is suitable for the mobile phone back cover, the device, aluminum black plastic pervious to light, mobile phone keys, buttons, electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, communication products, sanitary ware, tools, accessories, tool clocks and watches, glasses, jewelry, car accessories, bags buckle, cooking utensils, stainless steel products, and many other industries.

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