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What are the methods of mold cleaning?

In the rubber and silicone industry, it has always been a headache to remove the dirt in the mold. Because vulcanized rubber and silicone need to be carried out at high temperature, some oil and chemicals in the rubber compound remain in the mold after a long time. Coking at high temperatures requires the formation of stubborn dirt. The existing mold cleaning method is as follows:

1. Dry ice cleaning: Dry ice cleaning molds have zero damage to cleaning molds, and the efficiency is medium. The cost of dry ice is too high, it is difficult to store, and it is dangerous. The method can reduce costs. Only by purchasing dry ice locally can reduce the cost, because buying dry ice in other places will be in the transportation process. Consuming dry ice increases the cost.
2. Chemical cleaning: Chemical cleaning of the mold will corrode the metal material on the surface of the mold. Cleaning requires soaking for a period of time to increase the corrosion mold, which is not conducive to long-term use of the cleaning mold, and will produce industrial waste water, which is harmful to human health.

3. Sandblasting cleaning: The sandblasting cleaning mold is sprayed with materials (copper sand, quartz sand, emery, iron sand, sea sand) to the surface of the mold at high speed, which will cause damage to the surface of the mold, which is not conducive to cleaning the mold for a long time. Air pollution and noise will produce inhalable particulate matter and cause harm to the human body.
4 Laser cleaning: Laser cleaning molds is non-contact and non-grinding, suitable for various molds, no pollution, high initial investment, but the cleaning system can be used stably for a long time, and the operating cost is low.
Laser cleaning the mold is to use the characteristics of high brightness and small divergence angle of the laser to gather the laser beam with sufficient power and irradiate it to the appropriate part, the material absorbs the light energy, converts the light energy into heat energy, and causes the material to produce a series of physical and chemical process to remove surface contamination.
Laser cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning various molds, tire molds, rubber molds, injection molds, glass bottle molds, etc.
Laser cleaning machines are a new generation of high-tech products for surfaces that are easy to install, operate and automate. Simple operation, turn on the power and turn on the equipment, you can clean without chemical reagents, media, dust and water. It can automatically focus, clean with curved surfaces, and clean the surface. It has the advantages of high cleanliness, and can remove resin, Oil, stain, dirt, embroidery, coating, plating, paint.


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