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What should i need to be caution while i using fiber laser cleaning machine??

A large number of consumers are having some questions and queries after purchase of fiber laser cleaning machine, such as what is the correct operation process?Does the machine need maintenance after a period of use? Frankly speaking, fiber laser cleaning machine does sometimes need to pay attention to maintenance in daily operation, and ordinary attention to maintenance and maintenance can increase the service life of the equipment, save costs and create greater benefits.The following introduces the use of laser cleaning machine precautions.

Nowadays, in the environment of environmental protection today, fiber laser cleaning machine due to non-contact, no thermal effect, will not have mechanical force on the surface of the cleaning object.In the industrial use is more extensive, so whats the fiber laser cleaning machine in use matters need attention?

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For hand-held laser cleaning machine, usually do not need any special maintenance, because its laser power is small, relatively more convenient than desktop cleaning agent.But the desktop cleaning machine is a high power laser cleaning machine, its cleaning ability and speed is faster than the hand-held cleaning machine, but at the same time, there are some corresponding precautions.

1. Follow the switching sequence of the machine: first turn on the water pump (water cooler), then turn on the power switch, then turn on the laser switch.Turn off the laser switch first, then turn off the power switch, and then turn off the water pump (water cooler).

2. Every half a month regularly clean the laser machine chiller once, drain the visceral water, and then fill up the new pure water (water dirty will affect the light effect);

3. It is required to clean regularly and quantitatively every day, remove sundry things on the table, limiter and guide rail, and spray lubricating oil on the guide rail;

4. The mirror and focusing lens should be scrubbed every 6-8 hours with a special cleaning solution. When scrubbing, a cotton swab or cotton swab should be dipped in the cleaning solution and scrubbed counterclockwise from the center of the focusing mirror to the edge, and care should be taken to avoid scratching the lens.

5. Extract fan and smoke pipe cleaning method: when the smoke is large when processing, it is necessary to clean the fan, open the outer cover of the fan, scrape the dust on the fan blade and the wind channel with thin wood, and then blow the net dust with a high pressure gun. The cleaning method of the smoke pipe and the suction fan water cleaning method are the same.

Laser cleaning equipment in the process of running, because of the work piece in processing will produce a large number of corrosive dust and smoke, the smoke and dust deposit on the guide rail, straight axis surface, a large amount for a long time has a great influence on the equipment of machining accuracy, and in the guide rail straight axis surface erosion, shorten the service life of the equipment.In order to make the machine work normally and stably and ensure the processing quality of the products, it is necessary to do a good job of the daily maintenance of the guide rail and the straight spindle, such as wiping the dust frequently.

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