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Application of laser cleaning and derusting machine in the field of ship cleaning

After a long-term use of ships, the hull is prone to aging and corrosion. Therefore, some craftsmanship is required to refurbish the hull. The traditional method is to use sandblasting technology for treatment. In recent years, the advantages of ship laser cleaning technology have gradually become prominent.

Laser cleaning technology uses a high-energy-density laser beam as a processing tool. In the field of ships, it can not only obtain high-quality marine steel cleaning surfaces, but also greatly improve the quality of subsequent spraying, welding and other processes. It is easy to operate and has good localization. , green environmental protection and other advantages. And the ship laser cleaning technology ship is easy to realize the automation, integration and intelligent cleaning of the paint removal device.

Analysis of the limitations of traditional ship cleaning methods:

Regular cleaning of rust and contaminants on the surface of workpieces used in ships has always been an important part of ship manufacturing and maintenance. Good ship cleaning is not only an important guarantee for the high-quality manufacturing process of the ship, but also very important for the safe operation of the ship and prolonging the service life of the ship. The traditional ship cleaning technology mainly relies on manual sandblasting, grinding, high-pressure water washing, and chemical cleaning. .

Ship laser cleaning is an advanced new industrial cleaning technology. It uses high-energy pulsed laser to irradiate the surface of the workpiece to be cleaned, so that the rust, paint and substrates on the surface of the workpiece absorb the pulsed laser in a short period of time. A series of complex changes such as vibration, melting and gasification quickly remove the contamination layer from the surface of the substrate to achieve the purpose of thorough cleaning.

Compared with traditional cleaning technology, the advantages of ship laser cleaning machine are as follows:

(1) Laser cleaning will not directly contact the workpiece to be cleaned, will not generate mechanical pressure, and will not cause damage to the workpiece;

(2) The directionality of the laser beam is flexible and controllable, and the spot size and size are adjustable, which can adapt to the fine cleaning of flat or replicated curved workpieces;

(3) The cleaning process is highly controllable and meets the cleaning needs of various types of pollutants;

(4) The laser can be transmitted through the beam, the operation flexibility is high, and it is easy to realize remote control;

(5) Laser cleaning has a certain surface modification effect, which can effectively prevent secondary oxidation and improve surface mechanical properties;

(6) The laser cleaning process has low noise, no dust, chemical and other pollution;

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