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Brief introduction of JNCT laser cleaning machine

The research on laser cleaning ( laser rust removal )technology started in the mid-1980s and began to be industrialized in Germany in 1997. Compared with traditional cleaning technology, laser cleaning technology is not only in automation integration, economic benefits, cleaning effect or “green engineering”. There is a big advantage.

JNCT focuses on the research and development of laser cleaning machine, and insists on using research and development to drive products. Currently, it has a variety of laser cleaning systems from 50W to 8000W. Laser cleaning machine products have been used in aerospace (aero-engine parts cleaning, aircraft skin cleaning, etc.), high-speed rail (wheelset cleaning, high-speed rail surface paint removal, cleaning before and after welding, etc.), molds (automotive tire molds, Tire inner wall cleaning, etc.) and other fields. Among them, the 100W/200W nanosecond pulse laser cleaning machine developed by JNCT adopts an integrated mobile design and is only the size of a 22-inch suitcase, which is convenient for customers to use portable. Less than 2kg and can be quickly switched within 3s.

At present, laser cleaning applications are mushrooming in China. The biggest competitor in the laser cleaning market is not the competition between peers, but the competition between laser cleaning and traditional cleaning methods. Limited by technology and cost-effectiveness, laser cleaning will develop in two aspects in the future. On the one hand, it will develop towards high-end, replacing sandblasting machines, and developing towards high power or even ultra-high power to improve the efficiency of laser cleaning; on the other hand, it will develop towards civilians. It can replace the angle grinder and improve the cost-effectiveness of laser cleaning. “

Market demand has spawned higher industry requirements for the laser cleaning industry. Although laser cleaning cannot completely replace traditional cleaning technology at present, with the advancement of technology and the improvement of environmental protection requirements, laser cleaning will eventually dominate the global cleaning market. By developing new laser cleaning systems and equipment and optimizing the cleaning process, the cleaning efficiency is improved, the cleaning cost is reduced, the damage to the surface to be cleaned and the injury to the operator are reduced, and the realization of green, efficient and automated metal surface cleaning process is bound to be the future market need.

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