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How does the fiber laser cutting machine cut the laminated sheet

How does the fiber laser cutting machine cut the laminated sheet
In the production of the whole metal plate, in order to ensure the smoothness of the metal surface, many metal plates will be covered with a layer of film after production. .
Metal material lamination is a processing technology in which plastic film and metal plate are hot-pressed at high temperature and the film is attached to the metal plate. Its main advantage is that it can improve the corrosion resistance and rust resistance of the material, and it is resistant to wear and tear during transportation and is not easy to be damaged. Environmental friendly. So how does the laser cutting machine cut the laminated board?
In order to ensure the integrity of the film, the corresponding film cutting parameters are generally selected in the operating system, and the film and sheet are directly cut in one step. If there is no self-contained film cutting parameter in the operating system, you can adjust the laser head to about 10mm and the power to about 300W during cutting, and then burn the film once, burn off the protective film in the path, and finally cut.

When cutting products with film, it is necessary to directly cut the film with the side of the film facing up. If the film side is facing down, due to the thermal influence, the residue splashed by the laser cutter will adhere to the film, resulting in a rough side of the film, and it is difficult to dispose of those residues.

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