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Three-in-one | New handheld laser cutting, cleaning and welding machine, the cleaning index is almost invincible

Have you seen a laser cleaning machine, laser welder, and laser cutter in one unit?

Cutting, welding and cleaning are often closely linked up and down processes in metal processing operations. The traditional operation method often requires three different operating equipment to carry out the three processes, not only the purchase cost is high and the operation efficiency is not high, but also there are a series of problems such as complicated steps and taking up too much space.

In response to this pain point, JNCT Laser provides customers with an integrated solution and launches a handheld cleaning laser cutting, and welding machine! This is a machine with triple functions of laser welding, cleaning and cutting at the same time. Quickly and easily removes oil, rust and coatings before welding, and removes debris and discoloration after welding, while performing various sheet cutting processes. It can easily and efficiently help customers achieve the best work efficiency and meet most work scenarios. The welding swing width is up to 5mm, the cleaning swing length is up to 160mm, and it can cut stainless steel plates below 6mm. The process indicators are strong, especially the cleaning indicators are almost unmatched!

Application: more than extensive – comprehensive and flexible

The products can be applied to aluminum alloy, carbon steel, refined copper, dissimilar metals, highly reflective materials and other metal thick materials and thin materials. Rust paint removal and other needs; covering sheet metal, bathroom, automobile, lithium battery, 3C, medical, petrochemical and other industries. Really achieve a multi-purpose machine, a multi-purpose.

Provides three collocation and combination modes of cleaning, welding and cutting, and balance of cutting and cleaning, which is convenient for customers to focus on the specific situation of the use scene, which is more flexible and convenient, and avoids a single operation mode that is rigid and inefficient. .

Operation: More than Fast – Smart Integration

The optical path, system, hardware, etc. are all independently developed. The operation interface is intuitive and simple, and the operation is simple. The parameters of the whole machine can be adjusted at any time. The internal preset process parameter library can quickly switch between different modes within 10 seconds. Hours of training can be like a skilled welder. Reduce labor costs while improving quality, consistency, and productivity.

Price: more than affordable – golden diamond service

JNCT Laser provides sales and after-sales service in some overseas countries: customers can make free proofing before purchasing, and purchase after evaluating their needs; guarantee the quality of use; if there is any problem with the product, we promise to provide solutions within 48 hours at the latest;

JNCT laser, the leader in the laser cleaning industry!

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