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How to clean the of fiber laser cutting machine lens

The optical lens of the fiber metal laser cutting machine is a consumable item. In order to prolong the service life and reduce the use cost as much as possible, it is necessary to strictly regulate the maintenance and cleaning of the lens. After a new lens is installed, it should be cleaned regularly. Of course, cleaning lenses cannot be the same as cleaning glasses, and you must pay more attention. If the cutting effect is affected, the lens needs to be replaced in time. During the replacement process, attention should be paid to the placement, testing and installation of optical lenses to avoid damage and contamination of the lenses.

How to clean the lens

In the process of cleaning lenses, relatively low risk methods should be used. In order to minimize the risk, we have sorted out the following steps:

1. First, use an air ball to blow off the floating objects on the surface of the components, especially the lenses with tiny particles and flocs on the surface. This step is required, but do not use the compressed air on the production line, because these air will contain Oil and water droplets, which can further contaminate the lens.

2. The second step is to use acetone to lightly clean the lens. This grade of acetone is virtually anhydrous, which reduces the possibility of lens contamination. The cotton ball dipped in acetone must clean the lens under the light and make a circular movement. Once the swab becomes dirty, it must be replaced. Cleaning should be done at one time to avoid ripples. (If the lens has two coated surfaces, such as a lens, each side needs to be cleaned this way. The first side needs to be placed on a clean layer of lens paper for protection.)

3. If acetone cannot remove all the dirt, then use acid vinegar to clean. The acid vinegar cleaning uses the dissolution of the dirt to clean the dirt, but it will not cause damage to the optical lens. This acetic acid can be laboratory grade (diluted to 50% strength) or white vinegar with 6% acetic acid for household use. The cleaning procedure is the same as the acetone cleaning, and then acetone is used to remove the acid vinegar and dry the lens, while changing the cotton ball frequently to absorb acid and hydrate. until cleaned.

4. When the contaminants and lens damage cannot be removed by cleaning, especially the film burnt caused by metal splashes and dirt, the only way to restore good performance is to replace the lens. Wear gloves or finger cots as much as possible when changing lenses to prevent contamination of the lenses.

Note: During the installation process, if the method is not correct, the lens will be contaminated, so the operating procedures mentioned above must also be followed. When the lens is cleaned and operated correctly, its service life and performance will undoubtedly be reduced. Significant improvement, which is also one of the important ways for the life and stability of the laser cutting machine. Taking some preventive and maintenance measures will ensure that the laser cutting machine works longer and has higher stability.

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