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Laser cleaning: choosing the right laser source is the key

Laser cleaning: choosing the right laser source is the key
The essence of laser cleaning machine is to irradiate a high-energy-density laser beam to the surface of the workpiece, so that the dirt, oxide layer, coating or coating on the surface of the workpiece is instantly melted, ablated, evaporated or peeled off when heated, so as to clean the surface of the workpiece. The process without damaging the substrate is ideal for a new generation of industrial cleaning technology!
The development of lasers also promotes the rapid development of laser cleaning technology in my country. Laser cleaning technology has also become an indispensable cleaning technology in high-end manufacturing fields such as industry, ships, aerospace, etc., including the removal of rubber dirt on the surface of tire molds and the surface of gold film. Silicon oil Removal of contaminants and high-precision cleaning in the microelectronics industry.

The removal of rust, paint, oil and oxide layer on metal surfaces is the most widely used field of laser cleaning. Due to the differences in important parameters such as wavelength and power of different lasers, different materials and stains have different requirements for laser wavelength and power. In actual cleaning work, different laser cleaning methods should be selected according to the actual situation.

After a large number of experiments by the laser process research and development team, MOPA lasers and compound lasers are the most widely used lasers in the laser cleaning market, followed by carbon dioxide lasers, ultraviolet lasers, and continuous lasers that are used in a small amount.

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