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Popular 5*10ft Fiber Laser Cutting Machine CNC

Why 5*10ft Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

The primary use of CNC fiber laser cutting machine is to cut metal sheet, square tube and round tube items, So 5*10ft CNC router table has large working size and it is enough for users to run a metal industry business or other small and medium business.And 5*10ft CNC metal laser cutting machine has the advantages of fast cutting speed, high cutting precision, strong adaptability to complex material processing and simple operation. You can watch below video to know how 5*10ft CNC fiber laser cutting machine working.
This article will take you through our top 3 5*10ft fiber cutter products.The above is the simplest 5*10ft design for cutting plates, and now we will introduce two more advanced 5*10ft cutting machines with different functions.Although they all have 5*10 cutting tables, they can handle different cutting requirements.Therefore, we will introduce each 5*10 cutting machine cutting function, cutting machine accessories and advantages.You can choose your favorite machine according to your cutting needs and budget

Metal Sheet And Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

This machine can cut both flat sheet metal and pipe. It is a dual-purpose machine
1. Plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine adopts pneumatic chuck rotating structure, automatically adjust the size of clamping force according to tube type, diameter, wall thickness and so on
2. Plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine with its own cutting control software to provide advanced cutting technology and rich cutting experience, so that the cutting operator through skilled use of the control system, to achieve high quality, high efficiency of CNC cutting
3. Provide sheet and pipe double cutting function, one machine multi-purpose, not only can reduce the floor space, but also can save the investment cost
4. Laser processing speed, high cutting precision, can achieve high volume of efficient processing
5. The operation is simple, the use of numerical control operation platform, input the corresponding drawings, you can achieve rapid processing, flexible and quick

Full Cover Exchange Table Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

6090 enclosed fiber laser cutting machine
Full cover exchange table fiber cutting machine adopts automatic loading and unloading system, with the complete enveloping safety design, so that the whole equipment in the realization of high power and high speed operation under the stable cutting, giving the equipment a higher standard of product positioning
This machine have high quality, is conducted on the most basic cutting machine upgrade, it added a totally enclosed outside the protection cover, can effectively protect workers from laser radiation, then generally ask this kind of machine the customer will require double platform, can greatly improve the work efficiency, implementation work, on the other side of staff can take down platform cutting good sample

Considerations before Buying a 5*10 fiber laser cutting machine

Now you have got three high-quality 5*10 fiber laser cutting machine on your candidate list. Next, let’s see some considerations that you need to pay attention before you buy a 5*10 fiber laser cutting machine. These suggestions will help you to select a more proper 5*10 machine.
1.Identify the materials you need to process. What materials do you need to process with the machine? Are it’s metal materials(cs,ss,aluminu, copper, iron)?

2.Identify your processing requirements. As you can see from the above three 5*10 fiber laser cutting machine, different machines have different functions.

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