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laser rust removal gun

Pulse laser rust removal gun

Laser rust removal gun is considered to be an effective laser cleaning tool for rust removal and dust removal in many people’s consciousness, but in fact, laser rust removal gun is not used alone, but an important part of laser cleaning machine. People use handheld laser rust removal gun to complete the laser cleaning work. Now let’s introduce the pulse hand-held laser rust removal gun and the CW laser cleaning machine rust laser gun.  

Rust removal laser gun size

laser rust removal gun video

First we will introduce the 5th rust removal laser gun

The pulsed 100w laser cleaning head is the fifth-generation laser cleaning gun newly developed by JNCT. In order to facilitate the staff to work with the laser cleaning gun for a long time, we deliberately control the laser rust removal gun size and the gun weight to a very small range. The biggest feature of this laser cleaning gun is its small size and light weight, which can be used for a long time without fatigue. This rust removal laser gun is only suitable for 100w pulse laser cleaning machine, 200w pulse laser cleaner, 300w laser rust removal machine etc. But the most affordable rust removal laser gun price is the 100w model, if you want to check the laser rust removal gun price, welcome contract us freely.

portable handheld laser cleaner
rust removal laser gun

The 5th Laser Rust Removal Gun Advantage

  • USE Directly on power
  • Universal 220V power
  • supply plug and play
  • Environ mental Friendly
  • The most enviromentally
  • friendly industrial cleaning
  • method
  • Portable dust auxiliary
  • treatment system (optional)
1th laser rust removal gun
1th Laser Rust Removal Gun

Too bulky, heavy and dificult to hold

2th Laser Rust Removal Gun
  • Image only straight arm spiral single focal length
  • Buttons are easily damaged
  • Buttons are easily damaged
  • Difficult and cumbersome to adjust parameters
  • Difficulty integrating automation
3th Rust Remover Laser Gun
  • Poor heat dissipation, long-term use will damage the galvanometer and lens
  • Without protection, it is easy to accidentally touch the launch button, causing unnecessary damage
  • Difficult to integrate automation more difficult to control
4th Rust Laser Gun
  • Bulky relatively bulky
  • Not suitable for hand-held operation over time
  • The heat dissipation holes are easy to enter the dust

Laser Rust Removal Gun Specification

QCS, QBH common laser connector

Optional focusing mirrors used in various situations can scan straight lines, circles, spirals, rectangles, squares, circle fills, rectangle fills, etc. Corresponding scanning graphics can be added according to customer needs

Laser rust removal gun safety lock to prevent laser emission caused by misoperation

Better protection of focusing lens, upgraded dust extraction system design

stable performance, fast response, shock resistance, vibration resistance, small light disturbance, long life

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